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User Friendly DIY CNC Controls for Milling Machines,
Lathes, Routers, Plasma and other special applications.
Do-It-Yourself professional grade CNC control kits.
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Centroid Acorn CNC Control board documentation Current CNC12 Operator Manuals

- Start Here Acorn DIY Installation Videos and documentation

- All Acorn Documentation

- Centroid CNC12 v4.20 Operator Mill Manual

- Centroid CNC12 v4.20 Operator Lathe Manual

Centroid Oak CNC Control board Installation manual
- Oak DIY Installation Manual
Centroid Allin1DC CNC Control board Installation manual
- Allin1DC DIY Installation Manual
Centroid CNC control board Standard Schematic sets Centroid Individual Subject Technical Bulletins

- Acorn DIY CNC System hookup schematics

- Allin1DC DIY CNC System hookup schematics

- Oak DIY CNC System hookup schematics

CNC Tech Bulletins
Configuring Windows for CNC control use

- Windows 10 setup for CNC duty video

- Windows 8 setup for CNC duty instructions

- Windows 7/10 setup for CNC duty instructions

CNC11/12 Based, Special System Manuals

- AC/DC servo drive+MPU11+GPio4D CNC control system Installation manual

- CENTROID-Fanuc CNC Retrofit Installation Manual

- MPU11/GPIO4D Velocity Mode Installation Manual

- Centroid PLC Detective quick start guide

- Centroid CNC11 PLC programming manual

- Centroid CNC12 PLC programming manual



Centroid Touch Probe Manuals

- KP-3 Touch Probe Manual

- DP-4 Touch Probe Manual

- TT-2 Tool Touch Probe Manual

- TT-1 Tool Touch Probe Manual

- TT-4 Tool Touch Probe Manual

Individual control component manuals Miscellaneous CNC Documents

- PLCADD1616, PLC expansion board users manual

- Add4AD4DA, Analog Output expansion board users manual

- Encoder Expansion board user maual

- DC1, Single Axis DC servo drive users manual

- RTK4 users manual

- AC / DC Servo Drive users manual

- MPU11 w/ Legacy Add Card connect to legacy drives and plcs

- OpticDirect users manual (Yaskawa and Delta optical interrface)

- PLCAdd6464, TTL Level PLC expansion board


- Solid Model files for OAK, ALLIN1DC, PLCADD1616, DC1, ADD4AD4DA, Encoder Expansion Board. zip file

- CNC console dimensions and mounting examples

- CNC Standard Electrical Cabinet M400/M39/T400/T39

- CNC Standard Electrical Cabinet M15 upgrade

- Swing Arm Tool Changer user manual

- Umbrella Tool Changer user manual

- System Test

- TTL2DIFF, single ended to differential signal converter

- 8RELBRD, 8 Relay Output add on board

- Hardinge HNC/CHNC retrofit manual

- Centroid RT150 Rotary Table manual

- Centroid RT200 Rotary Table manual

- Intercon DXF Import


  Legacy Manuals
Legacy CNC11 v3.16 CNC operator manuals  

- Centroid CNC11 v3.16 Operator Mill Manual

- Centroid CNC11 v3.16 Operator Lathe Manual

Legacy CNC11 CNC System manuals

- MPU11 CNC motion control board

- GPIO4D users manual

- Optic 4 users manual

- CNC11 DC3IOB users manual

- Bridgeport Boss retrofit upgrade guide

Legacy CNC10 CNC System manuals  

- Milling Machine & Router CNC control operator manual for M39 and M400 CNC controls (latest versions v2.70)

- Lathe/Turning center CNC control operator manual for T400 and T39 CNC controls. (latest version v2.70)

- Centroid CNC10 system installation and service manual

- Centroid CNC10 PLC programming manual

- DC single, single axis DC servo motor drive

- DC3IOB, for use with CNC10 user manual

- Add a 4th axis to an M-15 CNC controller

- RTK3 Logic Controller user manual

- Servo4, AC brushless servo drive manual

- SD series Servo Drive manual

- PLCIO2, PLC controller manual

- XPLCOMP, PLC compiler manual

- Axis servo pairing manual

Legacy DX-1 manual
- DX-1 single axis controller manual

DIY Self Service CNC Technical Support

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CNC Manuals and Schematics
CNC Software Downloads
CNC Technical Bulletins
CNC PC minimum Performance Requirements.
CNC Support VIdeo
Centroid Servo Motor Dimensions

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