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Current Centroid CNC controller software downloads. Latest releases of Centroid CNC software.
ACORN, AcornSix, Oak, Hickory, Allin1DC, MPU11. Mill, Router, Lathe and Plasma CNC12 software download.

CNC12 Requirements

1.) For use with Centroid Oak, Hickory, Allin1DC, Acorn, AcornSix and MPU11 CNC controller based systems.
2.) The CNCPC must meet minimum performance requirements found here.
3.) Windows 10/11 must be properly configured for CNC control duty. see Windows OS setup instructions for Windows10/11 here.
Please follow the PC configuration and bench test video here...
4.) A SHIELDED ethernet cable must be used between the CNCPC and the Acorn CNC control board.

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CNC12 v5.06
Mill, Lathe, Router, Plasma (7-31-23 release date)

- This is a Free Centroid CNC Software Upgrade for anyone using the Acorn and AcornSix CNC controller platform and for anyone using v4.16+ on Oak, Allin1DC, MPU11 or Hickory.

- Since the Centroid Acorn CNC controller release over six years ago (August 2017) every new Acorn CNC12 version has been free of charge.

- All existing License files work with v5.06

- All features from previous versions of CNC12 are included in v5.06

- See the release notes for details on what has changed in v5.06

- CNC12 v5.xx Installation Guide updated 10-2-23

Previous Version Release Notes.

- See the release notes for details on what is new in v5.0

- See the release notes for details on what has changed in v5.02

- See the release notes for details on what has changed in v5.04

Note: If you are upgrading with an Oak, MPU11 or Allin1DC from CNC software older than v4.16 you can purchase a Pro or Ultimate License for CNC12 v5.xx at a one time discounted rate of $299
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  Offline Intercon: Interactive Contversational programming software for a Windows 10/11 PC (not the CNC controller PC)
    Download Offline Plasma Intercon installer (same version that is included with the CNC12 v5.06 installer).

related link.
    Download the v5.06 Offline Mill and Lathe Intercon installer

related link.
    New! Free Centroid CNC PC Tuner App Version 1.1.2 (11-27-23) now available! Download here

TB309 Windows 10/11 CNC PC Setup Instructions have been updated to complement the PC Tuner.
Download TB309 PDF

Legacy Software Downloads
Legacy ARCHIVE CNC12 software for Acorn
Download CNC12 v4.82 Mill, Lathe, Router, Plasma

Acorn CNC12 v4.82 Release Notes

"New Install" and "Update from older versions of CNC12" Instructions.

Acorn Installation Manual and all other Acorn documentation.

Acorn CNC12 v4.80 ATC programs with instructions (these work with v4.82)


Legacy Acorn CNC12 version release information.

v4.80 release notes.

v4.64 release notes
- Fixed issue when Parameter 43 is set to non-zero it forces the user to use a Tool Touch Off when performing a Auto Part Z0 probing cycle.
- Added more clarity in the Wizard Tool Touch page of how the TT height value effects Auto Part 0 probing cycle.

v4.62 Release Notes(all v4.62 features are included in v4.64)

Please note All Acorn documentation is located on the Acorn Technical support forum here.

Legacy ARCHIVE CNC12/11 software for Oak, Allin1DC and MPU11
Download CNC12 v4.22 for Oak, Allin1DC, and MPU11
- CNC12 v4.22 release notes

Previous releases of CNC12 information

CNC12 v4.20 release notes

-Added machine parameter 180 (Clear Limit Switch Distance). This parameter specifies the distance to move before generating an error when looking for the limit switch to be cleared during a homing (M91/M92) command. A value of zero will result in a default setting of using a distance of 0.5 inches or one motor revolution, whichever is greater. This distance only applies to a linear axis. If the axis is rotary, a distance of 45 degrees is used regardless of the parameter value.

-Added support for new Intercon KEYLOK USB dongles.

-VCP2 will try to determine the location of the word named "FinalFeedOverride_W" used in the PLC program. If it is found to be using W1 - W88, then it will use this word value for determining feedrate override. This change should make VCP2 compatible with existing PLC programs written for VCP1 that used W4 without requiring a change to the PLC program. VCP2 programs use W31.

-Fixed some display anomalies where previous G-code lines were not being erased and/or the MDI "Block?" prompt was not displaying correctly in some combinations of Active G-code display and DRO property settings.

v4.18 release notes

- Reactivated the DXF Import feature in Intercon with improved DXF import library

- Fixed issue where axis pairing was not available under any conditions.

- Fixed issue where laser measurement was not working regardless of license type or trial code.

- Fixed issue where the prompt "Press CYCLE START to continue" is not displayed when executing an M0 command if M0 jogging is available. When M0 jogging is enabled, the message "Press CYCLE START to continue (jogging enabled)" is now displayed.

- Fixed issue where the 4th axis was being set to 'N' (disabling it) when entering the Motor Parameters menu. It does prompt for changes on exit, so one can discard those changes if they were just going into the menu to look at values. Otherwise, the workaround would be to make sure you set the label again before saving changes.

- Re-enabled the setting of P500 = 1 to allow G43.3 and G43.4 to remain active when exiting MDI or running job.

- Fixed bug in the VCP where PLC memory wasn't able to be used to set LED state.

You will have to reset any MPG related parameters, see the New Parameters Guide attached to the instructions PDF below

RELEASE NOTES v4.16 CNC12 for Oak,Allin1DC,MPU11(v4.18 contains all these 4.16 changes pluse the ones listed above)

Update and New Installation instructions along with New Software levels explanation and New parameters list.

CNC12 software pricing structure explained.

Discounted CNC software upgrade path to CNC12 v4.22 software for our existing customer who have versions of CNC10,CNC11,CNC12
1.) Anyone can buy a CNC12 Pro License who is upgrading from cnc7,10,11, or cnc12 for $299 (this is called "Legacy Software Upgrade")
2.) Anyone who has an existing paid cnc7,10,11 or 12 software option unlock that is in the Ultimate Level will get the Ultimate Level License with the $299 Legacy Software upgrade cost.
If you are updating an existing system using software older than v4.16 purchase a Pro or Ultimate License for CNC12 at a discounted rate of $299
CNC12 v4.14 (this is the last version of CNC12 that uses the ala cart software options scheme. Use v4.22+ to use a Pro or Ultimate license)

Click here to DOWNLOAD latest CNC12 v4.14 for use with Oak, Allin1DC and MPU11 (ZIP file) with updated PLC programs 10-29-19

zip file includes Mill, Lathe, Demo and Offline Intercon versions choose what you want during install

RELEASE NOTES v4.14 CNC12 for Oak,Allin1DC,MPU11

CNC12 "NEW Parameters" Guide

CNC11 software for use with OAK, Allin1DC and MPU11 CNC control boards (not ACORN), includes OFFLINE INTERCON


1.) For use with Centroid Oak, Allin1DC, MPU11 CNC controller based systems only.
2.) CNCPC must meet minimum performance requirements found here.
3.) Windows 7, 8 or 10 must be properly configured for CNC control duty. see Windows OS setup instructions for Windows 7/8/10 here.
4.) A SHEILDED ethernet cable must be used between the CNCPC and the Oak, Allin1DC or MPU11 CNC controller


click here to download ARCHIVE version v3.16 CNC11 for Windows 7/8/10 ZIP file

v3.16 Notes:
- Set parameter 348 to 0 to prevent MPG Encoder Error message from being displayed.
- For Lathes, set P240 = -1 to turn off thread accel/decell, which can be enabled later with appropriate settings if lathe threading is jerky.
- v3.16 release notes


Fresh CNC11 Installation instructions....

for Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 OS

1.) Setup the CNCPC Windows OS for CNC control duty.
2.) Download the .zip file
3.) Extract the contents of the .zip file onto control desktop
4.) Double-click the setup.exe file and follow the command prompts. See the Oak of Allin1DC installation manuals for more detailed information.

Updating an existing CNC11 installation to v3.16 

1.) If the control is not running CNC11 v3.06 or higher, the CNC11 software MUST be updated to v3.06 before updating it to any higher CNC11 software version.
2.) Generate a report from your system following TB193.
3.) Double-click the setup.exe file and follow the command prompts.
4.) When it gets to the section about installing a PLC program, select NO.
5.) Start CNC11 and restore the report file made in step #2

If current CNC11 version is BELOW v3.06, update to and run v3.06 FIRST, then update to v3.16

All controls that are running a version prior to v3.06 must be upgraded to v3.06 first, They then can be updated directly to v3.14 from v3.06. NOTE: You must successfully run CNC11 v3.06 at least once in order to upgrade the MPU11 firmware before installing v3.16

Link to v3.06 install zip file

    For even older Legacy Software Downloads

Please email us the CNC control serial number and or system ID (aka key A number/letter)

and we will help you with the proper cnc software download that will run with your legacy hardware.


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