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CENTROID CNC Photo Galleries.
A wide variety of Machine Tool CNC Retrofit images and Performance Racing Cylinder Head, Engine Block photos.
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reat photo collections of Centroid equipped CNC machine tools and related images.

cnc cylinder head prep article

Performance Racing Industry Magazine Cylinder Head Prep Equipment article January 2017 issue.

Click here to read the article

tool room lathe manual and cnc January 2017 Manufacturing News Magazine

click here to read the "Toolroom Lathe with Manual and CNC Capabilities" press release.
hybrid cnc machine press release December 2016 Manufacturing News Magazine

click here to read the "Hybrid CNC Machining Center" press release.
Centroid CNC retrofit kit press release December 2016 Manufacturing News Magazine

click here to read the "In-stock retrofit kit" press release.

compact precision cnc milling machine October 2016 Manufacturing News Magazine

click here to read the "Compact Precision CNC Milling machine" press release.
centroid cnc cylinder head porting press release May 2016 Manufacturing News Magazine

click here to read the "5-Axis Quad Fixture allows four cylinder head to be CNC ported at the same time" press release.
Centroid M400 New console press release January 2016 Manufacturing News Magazine

click here to read the "New Touch Screen Console" press release.
Manufacturing News Centroid Oak CNC controller board

June 2015 Manufacturing News Magazine

New Single Board CNC Controller.
click here to view PDF of the Article

"Centroid announces a new Single Board CNC controller.
The Centroid “OAK” board is a complete CNC control contained in one printed circuit board. Centroid answers the call for an affordable industrial quality high performance CNC control with the new OAK board CNC design. Oak based CNC systems can take advantage of widely available price competitive AC Brushless motors and drives. Designed for both new machinery installations and retrofit upgrade applications and sized at 12”x8” the Oak board is compact and contains an integrated DSP motion controller (the “MPU11”), a CNC PLC (programmable logic controller) with 9 fused relay outputs, along with 16 inputs, plug and play cable connections for a variety of AC brushless servo drives, operator control panel connection, MPG (operator handwheel) connection, Digitizing and Tool touch off probes here to view PDF of the complete article

Modern Machine Shop Magazine, CNC Retrofit Article

May 2014 Modern Machine Shop Magazine.

From the May issue of Modern Machine Shop Magazine " A CNC retrofit provides improved reliability and functionality compared to an older machine’s original control, and this is helpful in a number of ways. For example, a more intuitive control interface can help speed setups and minimize the chance for programming and/or setup mistakes, which could possibly damage or scrap a high-value work piece. Similarly, shops are also more confident in quoting work for large, expensive parts knowing the new control won’t hiccup partway through an operation and cause the part to be damaged. Shops also are better-positioned to take in “hot” jobs that require fast turnaround due to the retrofitted machine’s improved"... click here to see the complete article in PDF.

June 2014 CNC retrofit article Manufacturing News

June 2014 Manufacturing News Magazine

Numura horizontal, Mori Seiki Lathes, Fadal 3016 CNC retrofit article.
click here to view PDF of the Article

"During the last 22 years Terry has installed 122 Centroid retrofits in the greater Houston area. Terry has installed 5 CNC retrofits for T.L. Hiner, two of them are a pair of Mori Seiki SL-3 turning centers. Terry installed the new Centroid T-400 CNC controls on both of the SL-3's in place, on the shop floor, so there was no need to move the machines for the retrofit. The two machines are arranged for efficiency, facing each other so one operator can keep both machines running parts all day long. In addition to a variety of job shop parts, one of the regular high volume jobs at T.L. Hiner is turning compressor valve seats, Mike the operator at T.L. Hiner programs both Mori Seiki SL-3's with Centroid's built-in “Intercon” Conversational programming which prompts the operator for dimensions from the print and automatically creates the G-code to turn the part and displays the results graphically. Mike says “he likes the graphics on the screen so he can see what its going to do before it does it”. The T-400 also accepts G-code from most any CAD/CAM system as well. G-code programs can be transferred to the control via USB memory sticks or thru an Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) connection. Mike commented that even though the control has “a ton of memory” and that he leaves all his programs on the control ready to go, he really likes the USB “jump drive” and uses it to make backup copies of all his programs in the office computer so there are at least two copies of his work on different computers.

Sharnoa Centroid CNC retrofit for 3D machining

December Manufacturing News: Sharnoa CNC Knee Mill Retrofit upgrade for 3D Machining

A new Centroid M400 CNC control was installed in the Sharnoa by Doug Laursen of Machines in Motion. The original servo motors were reused, making the upgrade simple. There was no mechanical work required to fit new motors. The M400 CNC control uses Centroid's own digital DC servo drive, which, according to Centroid, is a very robust unit and can drive almost any DC servo motor up to 15 amp per axis. “If servos are in good shape and can be reused during an upgrade there is a cost savings,” said a Centroid spokesperson. “In this case, reusing existing servos saved over $3,000 in the cost of the upgrade.” read more click here

CNC retrofits for Milling machine, Lathes and Routers
Bridgeport Boss Series II    

CENTROID Boss series II retrofit customer testimonial

"The quality and workmanship of the CENTROID equipment was outstanding and very professional. CENTROID was able to custom tailor the control to allow us to continue to use our rotary milling arrangement as before and even expanded our capability. The short story is that we ended up with a four axis CNC mill for less than half the cost of the three axis Haas. This includes the work that was done by our staff."

Vic Brown President, American Machine Works Inc.
(read the complete letter click here..)

Read more customer reviews..

Centroid CNC retrofit ad in Manufacturing News  

CENTROID CNC retrofit Advertisement as seen in Manufacturing News Magazine.

click to see full size ad.

Performance Racing Magazine, Enginer Builder Magazine, Race Car Technology magazine  

CENTROID Performance Racing advertisement as seen in: Performance Racing Magazine, Engine Builder Magazine and Race Car Technology Magazine.

click to see full size ad..

Hi resolution CENTROID Images and Icons for print, website and other uses.
Centroid square logo  

Centroid logo JPEG (website, email use)

Centroid logo Adboe Illustrator vector format (print and hi res graphics)

Centroid logo .DXF (for cad/cam)
Centroid logo .DWG

  Centroid banner logo
Centroid banner logo JPEG (website, email use)
Centroid banner logo Adobe Illustrator vector format. (print&hi res graphics)
Centroid banner logo DXF (cad/cam use)
Centroid Performance Racing Logo   Centroid Performance Racing Logo in Adobe Illustrator .ai format
Centroid Performance Racing Logo in JPEG large (Website, email use)
Centroid Performance Racing Logo in JPEG small (Website, email use)
Current Centroid CNC console images
centroid cnc controller with mpg Centroid console large hi res JPEG
Centroid console hi res photoshop format .PSD
  centroid cnc controller with stand
Legacy images of Centroid CNC consoles
Centroid M400 CNC control for milling machines  

M400 Console large JPEG

M400 Console hi res photoshop format

Centroid M400 Milling Machine CNC console  

M400 console large JPEG

M400 Console large Photoshop format

Centroid T400 Lathe CNC control console                      

Centroid T400 console large JPEG

Centroid T400 console hi res photoshop format

    Poster size Hi resolution PDF's ready for printing.

Centroid M400 Poster 150 CM wide x 120 CM high. Hi resolution print ready PDF
Centroid M400 CNC Retrofit Show poster PDF Download     Centroid M400 CNC Retrofit Poster 150 cm x 120 cm hi resolution print ready PDF
Centroid T400 retrofit poster     Centroid T-400 CNC Retrofit poster 48"x36" print ready PDF
Centroid A560 5 axis CNC Poster download   24"x36" Centroid A560 click to download hi res print ready PDF.
Centroid 5 Axis CNC poster pdf

24"x36" Centroid Performance Racing Poster click to download hi res print ready PDF.


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