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Centroid "Acorn" Step and Direction CNC Controller kit

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Acorn CNC control kits are both a CNC Hardware and CNC Software DIY system designed to work together for easy CNC setup and operation with minimal fuss
Centroid "Acorn" Step and Direction CNC Controller kit: a 4 axis CNC control with built-in motion control CPU.
A reliable, high performance, industrial quality CNC control at a do-it-yourself price. Acorn utilizes an integrated 1Ghz ARM Cortex A8 Motion Control CPU and communicates with CNCPC via a fast and reliable Ethernet connection. The Acorn CNC control board controls a wide variety of axis motors and drives with industry standard step and direction command signal. Perfect for many types of machine tools such as: CNC milling machines, a wide variety of CNC Routers, CNC lathes to CNC Lasers, and other specialty applications. Compatible with small to large axis motors of all types and can be used with most any AC brushless servo motor drive packages such as: DMM, Delta, Estun, Teco, Teknic, Yaskawa and others. Any drive that accepts step and direction commands. Most all stepper motor drives are compatible with the Acorn board such as the popular Gecko and Leadshine stepper drives. Acorn runs on Centroid's proven industrial quality CNC control software.

Acorn CNC controller board overview
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The Acorn CNC system has been engineered, built, and tested at our Centroid facility in the USA. All units ship ready to run after thorough testing and quality control.

Acorn CNC controller kit

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M-F 9-5 EST to place your orders.

Centroid Acorn CNC controller kit (part # 14455) includes:
- Acorn CNC control board
- Acorn Plug and Play Relay Relay Module
- Dual power 5 VDC and 24 VDC logic power supply
(50/60 Hz 100-120 VAC and 208-240 VAC input power)
- Logic power supply hookup leads
- 110 VAC power cord
- 15’ Shielded Ethernet cable
- Centroid CNC12 "Free" CNC Mill and Lathe software download
- Touch Screen Responsive Operator Controls
- DIY self service CNC support thru Centroid Community CNC Forum which is Centroid   Technician monitored and maintained.
- Optional Factory Direct Technical Support is avalible
(Note: A 1920x1080 wide screen LCD Display is required and a Touch Screen is recommended.)

Bonus! Acorn Relay Module included with all Acorn CNC controller kit orders

Plug and Play Relay Outputs with the Acorn CNC Relay Board! Direct connection to the Acorn board with the supplied ribbon cable makes connecting and getting a relay board up and running a 5 second operation. The Plug and Play relay module allows CNC controlled connections to various CNC devices such as VFD’s, solenoids, lights, fans, pumps, motors, other larger relays and contactors in a compact format. The 8 relay module contains eight SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) high current relays (10 AMPS at 250 VAC,and 10 amps at 30 VDC) which can directly control any device rated at or below the maximum rating of the relays. If higher current devices are required these relays can then in turn control larger relays or contactors to control the higher current device! Relay module has on board LED indicator lights for each relay.

Centroid Mill CNC Software License Upgrades

Acorn Mill "Pro" CNC Software license (#14457)

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Upgrade to Centroid Acorn Mill "Pro" CNC12 from the Free version that is included with each Acorn kit.

- Unlimited G-code file size
- 4th axis motor pairing with any other axis
- 4th axis G-code moves
- Full version of Intercon conversational programming
- 4th axis conversational programming
- Rigid Tapping
- Six WCS locations (G54 thru 59)
- Tool Library with 200 tools
- Unlimited Auto Tool Measure
- Full set of menu driven Probing cycles (Bore, Single Edge, Web, Slot, Inside corner, outside corner)
- BCD Tool Changer Output
- WMPG-6 support
- All features of the CNC12 Free are included

After purchase, the License will be sent via E-mail delivery. M-F 8-5 EST USA
Each Acorn Software License is specific to a single Acorn board.
If you are purchasing a license for a previously ordered Acorn kit please email a file to to expedite delivery.

Acorn Ultimate (Digitizing) CNC software license (#14458),
or Upgrade from Pro Mill or Router Pro

Full feature set of Digitizing and Probing capabilities for your Mill or Router

- 2D and 3D Digitizing, Grid, Radial, Contour.
- Digitizing cycles is easy push button menu driven operation. (no macros needed!)
- Export Data to Cad/Cam
- Auto G code generation
- Unlimited Auto Tool Height Measurement
- Full set of menu driven Probing cycles (Bore, Single Edge, Web, Slot, Inside corner, outside corner)
- Eighteen WCS locations (G54 thru 59 plus 12 more)
- Menu driven Auto Coordinate System Rotation with Probe
- Works with Centroid KP-3 Touch Probe or any other contact probe.
- All features of the CNC12 Free and Pro are included
- All future features added to Ultimate

After purchase, the License will be sent via E-mail delivery. M-F 8-5 EST USA
Each Acorn Software License is specific to a single Acorn board.
If you are purchasing a license for a previously ordered Acorn kit please email a file to to expedite delivery.

Centroid "Pro" Lathe CNC software license

Acorn Lathe "Pro" CNC software license (#14571)

Upgrade to Centroid Acorn Lathe "Pro" CNC12 from the Free version that is included with each Acorn kit.

- Threading (requires spindle encoder)
- Rigid Tapping (requires spindle encoder)
- Feed per revolution (requires spindle encoder)
- Constant Surface Speed
- BCD Tool Changer Output
- 99 Tools
- Full version of Centroid Lathe Intercon Conversational Programming software:. Auto profile cleanout, grooving, cutoff, chamfer, turning, end face turning, threading and more.
- Unlimited G code file size
- WMPG-4 or WMPG-6 support
- All features of the CNC12 Free are included

After purchase, the License will be sent via E-mail delivery. M-F 8-5 EST USA
Each Acorn Software License is specific to a single Acorn board.
If you are purchasing a license for a previously ordered Acorn kit please email a file to to expedite delivery.

Acorn Router Pro CNC software license (for use with CNC12 v4.64+)

All the CNC features of Mill Pro but with a Router specific Virtual Operator Control Panel and the corresponding Router specific macros.

Acorn CNC control kit un boxing video

Acorn CNC controller shop tour with MechtecMike

Video of Acorn CNC Single point threading, rigid tapping, profiling, encoder feedback, conversational programming on our in-house CNC Lathe test mule

Acorn "Start Here" Web Page with requirements and How-to Videos.
Acorn CNC controller Hookup Schematics (type in Acorn in the search bar on this page to see all Acorn hookup schematics)
Centroid Free CNC Mill and Lathe Software Download (a powered up Acorn is required to run the CNC software)
All Acorn Documentation  (a list of All Acorn related documentation)
Centroid CNC control board Solid Models
CNC Community Support Forum (Free Tech Support!)
Acorn CNC controller buyers FAQ

Centroid Acorn CNC Mill, Router and Lathe Software Levels

Features Acorn Free v5.0+ Acorn Pro v5.0+ Acorn Ultimate v5.0+
Mill and Lathe Intercon Conversational programming Limited to 20 blocks of conversational Unlimited Unlimited
Wireless MPG Pendant WMPG-4 or WMPG-6 support Not included Included Included
G-code program size Limited to 50Kb G-code file size Unlimited G-code file size Unlimited G-code file size
Work Coordinates Systems (WCS) One (G54) Eighteen (G54-G59 plus extended WCS) starting with v5.08 Eighteen (G54-G59 plus extended WCS)
Menu driven Probing cycles Center of bore Complete Set of menu driven probing cycles. Bore, Boss, Slot, Web, Inside Corner, Outside corner, Single edge find, find angle, auto probe for CSR Complete Set of menu driven probing cycles. Bore, Boss, Slot, Web, Inside Corner, Outside corner, Single edge find, find angle, auto probe for CSR
Menu driven Digitizing cycles Grid, Radial, Contour, Wall following, limited to 2500 points Grid, Radial, Contour, Wall following, limited to 2500 points Unlimited point Grid, Radial, Contour, Wall following
Auto Tool Height Measurement Unlimited auto measure on:
Reference Too l & Tools 1,2,3
Unlimited auto measure on all tools.
Unlimited auto measure on all tools.
Coordinate System Rotation Yes Yes Yes
Auto find CSR with Probe No Yes Yes
Manual find CSR with Probe or Wiggler Yes Yes Yes
Manual enter angle for CSR Yes Yes Yes
Tool Library 10 Tools 200 Tools, (99 Tools Lathe) 200 Tools Mill, (99 Tools Lathe)
Sub Programs and Macros (M98 & G65)
Write your own custom macros, many uses
Included Included Included
Cutter Compensation G41/G42 Included Included Included
Backlash Compensation Included Included Included
Screw compensation (laser or manual!) Included Included Included
3 axis simultaneous Included Included Included
4 th Axis linear or rotary conversational programming. limited to 20 blocks of Intercon Unlimited Unlimited
Operate as a 2 axis CNC with Manual Quill Included Included Included
Operate as a 2 or 1 axis CNC control Included Included Included
Any axis can be Linear or Rotary Included Included Included
Supported Axes Labels

X,Y,Z,U,V,W,A,B,C Mill/Router/Plasma
X,Y,Z,C,A,B Lathe

X,Y,Z,U,V,W,A,B,C Mill/Router/Plasma
X,Y,Z,C,A,B Lathe
X,Y,Z,U,V,W,A,B,C Mill/Router/Plasma
X,Y,Z,C,A,B Lathe

Spindle Encoder feedback,w/ RPM display

Included Included Included
Mill Rigid Tapping Not Included Included Included
Lathe Threading Not included Included Included
Lathe Automatic CSS Not Included Included Included
Lathe Rigid Tapping Not included Included Included
Lathe Automatic Tool Measurement Unlimited auto measure on:
Tools 1,2,3
Unlimited auto measure on all tools. Unlimited auto measure on all tools.
G81 drilling cycles Included Included Included
Compression Tapping Gcode Cycles Included Included Included
Mill G-code scaling and mirroring Included Included Included
True G-code backplot graphics Included Included Included
Run Time Program Graphics Included Included Included
Smart Search (stop and restart at any point) Included Included Included
User Configurable Touch Screen Virtual Control Panel Included Included Included
Backlash compensation Included Included Included
CNC Configuration Wizard Included Included Included
Menu driven Part and Tool setup menus Included Included Included
Intercon Teach Mode Limited to 20 blocks of Intercon Unlimited Unlimited
Intercon Drilling cycles: Drilling, Deep Hole, Chip Breaking Limited to 20 blocks of Intercon Unlimited Unlimited
Intercon Pocketing: Circular,Rectangular, Irregular Limited to 20 blocks of Intercon Unlimited Unlimited
Intercon Contouring Limited to 20 blocks of Intercon Unlimited Unlimited
Intercon Threadmilling Limited to 20 blocks of Intercon Unlimited Unlimited
Intercon Conversational Compression Tapping Limited to 20 blocks of Intercon Unlimited Unlimited
Intercon Auto Connect Radius Limited to 20 blocks of Intercon Unlimited Unlimited
Intercon Lathe Cycles. Auto profile cleanout, grooving, cutoff, chamfer, turning, end face turning, Limited to 20 blocks of Intercon Unlimited Unlimited
Intercon Math/Geometry Help Limited to 20 blocks of Intercon Unlimited Unlimited
Intercon DXF Import for Mill and Router. Yes, Limited to 20 blocks of Intercon Yes, MILL, Router, Plasma only Yes, Mill, Router, Plasma only.
Operate in Millimeter or Inches Yes Yes Yes
XY Diagonal Jogging Yes Yes Yes
4th axis Jogging Yes Yes Yes
Software Axis Pairing
(pair 4th axis any other axis in software)
No Yes Yes
Auto Squaring of Software Paired axis with auto homing No Yes Yes
Hardware Axis Pairing Yes Yes Yes
4th axis G-code moves:
4&1,4&2,4&3,4&1&2,4&2&3,4&1&3&4, 4&1&2&3
No, "Free" is limited to 3 axis simultaneous moves with single axis 4th axis moves. (aka (3+1)
Yes, 4 axis simultaneous movement
with full interpolation. (move any axis in combination with any others)
Yes, 4 axis simultaneous movement
with full interpolation. (move any axis in combination with any others)
BCD Tool Changer output No Included Included
ATC Programs for Rack Mount Yes Yes Yes
ATC Programs for Lathe Turret Yes Yes Yes
CNC Setup Wizard with auto PLC
program generation
Included Included Included
PLC Detective Software Included Included Included
Use one input for all axis Homing Included Included Included
Contour ShuttleXpress Support Included Included Included
Xkeys, Xbox and other USB keyboard emulator support Included Included Included
Laser Engraving Yes Yes Yes
PWM output for Laser power Yes Yes Yes
PWM output for Spindle speed control Yes Yes Yes
Laser power Velocity modulation Yes Yes Yes
0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC analog output Yes Yes Yes
Support for "Probe App" by swissi No Yes Yes
Acorn Hardware and Software Feature Highlights
  • On board 1Ghz Motion Control CPU
  • Mill and Lathe CNC software with setup Wizard
  • Touch screen operators control panel (user configurable VCP)
  • Reliable Ethernet communication with CNCPC
  • Runs on Windows 10/11
  • Compatible with CAD/CAM systems
  • Runs Standard G & M Codes
  • True G-code back plot graphics w cutter comp moves
  • 2000 line accell decell look ahead
  • 1200 blocks per second
  • Backlash compensation
  • Ballscrew compensation
  • Feed rate override operator variable 0-200% at 1% increments
  • Rapid rate override
  • Spindle Control. on/off cw/cw, speed w/override
  • 12 bit analog output 0-10 or 0-5 VDC for VFD control
  • 8 optically isolated inputs, user configurable
  • 8 Relay Outputs, user configurable
  • DB25 drive connection (gecko G540/Mach3 standard pin out AND programmable pin out)
  • Header for flying lead axis motor drive connections
  • Encoder Input
  • Single 24 vdc logic power input
  • Spindle Encoder RPM display
  • Simple Menu Driven Operator Interface
  • Stop and Restart Job at any point
  • Tool Check, Jog and Restart at any point
  • Cutter Compensation
  • Conductive touch probe compatible
  • KP-3 Kinematic touch probe compatible
  • Lube Pump control (user configurable to match pump type)
  • MDI mode with recent command memory
  • Programmable Auxiliary Function keys
  • Multiple Language Support
  • User editable PLC programming
  • Part counter, Time, Time estimation
  • Simple Future Software updates available
  • Notepad ++ G code editor
  • Utility Menu
  • Backup and Restore CNC config
  • Message Display and Logs
  • Open Loop CNC operation
  • Unlimited Program Storage (Pro License, only limited by hard drive size)
  • Large easy to read DRO display
  • Menu Driven Part setup
  • Menu Driven Tool setup
  • Menu driven machine configuration setup
  • Fill in the blank Setup Menus
  • Run Menu
  • CNC control configuration menu
  • Restart Job Automatically
  • Any axis can be linear or rotary axis
  • G-code smoothing (user adjustable)
  • Auto Home to switch, user selectable direction per axis
  • Auto Parking, User editable
  • ZRI input homing
  • User editable Homing program
  • Software Travel Limits (+ and - directions)
  • User configurable Slow, Fast, Max rates
  • User configurable axis motor acceleration
  • Spindle encoder input for CSS, Threading and Rigid Tapping
  • Lathe canned cycles (profile, groove, chamfer, cutoff,turning diameter and end face)
  • Lathe Dry Run
  • User editable Park program
  • Wireless MPG control pendant (Pro license required)
  • Keyboard Operator Control panel emulator,
  • Xkeys USB control pad compatible
  • Contour ShuttleXpress compatible
  • Xbox controller compatible
  • Gcode backplot checks work envelope
  • G code backplot shows true cutter comp moves
  • Vary part backplot speed and pause
    w/ G-code line display
  • Real Time Part Graphics, shows tool position while running
  • Optional Stops
  • User editable Subprograms and Macros
  • Engraving compatible (short vector g code no problem)
  • Threadmilling (Mill)
  • Run in Inch or MM mode
  • Laser cutting and engraving support
  • PWM output control for Laser and/or Spindle
  • Tool Library
  • Long part names
  • Drilling and Tapping Cycles
  • USB and Network Drive Compatible
  • Distance to go DRO
  • Machine Coordinates DRO
  • Active G codes display
  • Software or Hardware paired axes
  • Auto Squaring of paired axis Gantry
  • Tool Life Management
  • Reset Home
  • Control relays and contactors thru Manual or Program control
  • User configurable custom DIY M-codes
  • Canned Cycles
  • Profiling with auto cleanout (lathe)
  • X/Y axis Deskew, corrects for axes out of square.
  • Mouse and Keyboard jogging in addition to VCP, MPG Pendantand Xkeys pendant, Contour Shuttle
  • Runs on 100-120 VAC OR 200-240 VAC power input.
  • Runs on USA and International Power

Use your own PC OR purchase a Centroid CNCPC

Centroid CNC PC

All-in-one Touch Screen CNCPC

- Preloaded with Windows 10 and pre-configured for CNC PC duty
- Preloaded Centroid CNC software with G code Editor,
   Intercon, Stock PLC programs, Acorn Install Wizard, Touch Screen
   Operator Control panel.
- Touch Screen
- Wifi, Ethernet, webcam with mic, card reader, usb ports
- Powercord, Keyboard, Mouse
- Centroid tested and pre qualified to work with Centroid CNC controllers
- Compatible with Acorn, Oak, and Allin1DC
- Model, Specifications and COLOR may vary.

Note: There are NO VESA mounting holes on this unit.

Planning to build or use your own PC as a CNCPC? Be sure the PC meets the Centroid CNCPC minimum requirements found here. The Centroid CNC software runs on any Windows 10 PC that meets the requirements.
- If you plan to build your own CNCPC follow the recommendations here.
- If you plan to buy your own PC we recommend the Intel NUC (be sure to purchase a NUC that meets the Centroid minimum pc requirements) and a 1920x1080 16:9 aspect Touch Screen monitor
- Centroid also offers for purchase CNCPC's with preloaded and pre configured software

Centroid Configured Intel NUC

Centroid NUC CNCPC

- Allows use of any size and type LCD Touch screen. (1920x1080 recommended) or regular LCD monitor.
- Preloaded with a licensed copy of Windows 10 and Windows is pre-configured for CNC PC duty
- Preloaded Centroid CNC12 software Mill and Lathe, Free version
- Pre configured Notepad ++ G code Editor
- Intercon Conversational
- Centroid CNC setup Wizard
- Touch Screen Operator Control compatible
- Intel processor and SSD (solid state drive)
- Display port, HDMI, Ethernet, USB
- Centroid tested and pre qualified to work with all Centroid CNC controllers

Ether1616 Kit

Ether1616 i/o expansion kit for the Acorn CNC controller (#14850)

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The Ether1616 is an input and output expansion board designed to be used with the Acorn CNC controller. Each Ether1616 board adds an additional 16 optically isolated inputs and 16 relay isolated outputs to the Acorn CNC system, up to three Ether1616 boards can be added to an Acorn system for a total of 56 inputs and 56 outputs. Three different input voltages can be used: 5 volts, 12 volts and 24 volt. Input voltages are mix and match capable and are selectable via bank of four of inputs at a time with the provided plug-in SIP (Single In-line Pack) resistors. The default input voltage is 24 VDC.

Both the Ether1616 and Relay 8 modules provide both Din Rail mounting holes and Standoff mounting holes to allow the DIY installer a wide variety of mounting possibilities, The provided dedicated power supply is sized properly to provide enough power to drive the 16 relays. There are indicator LED’s on Ether1616 Inputs and on the Relay 8 Modules that indicate the state of the Inputs and Outputs.

The Ether1616 as the name implies communicates with the Centroid CNC12 software via Ethernet connection to the CNC PC. Ether1616 documentation is here.

Kit includes:
1.) Ether1616 Board
2.) Qty 2 Relay 8 Modules
3.) Qty 2 Keyed Ribbon Cables
4.) 24 volt DC power supply
5.) Ethernet Switch
6.) Qty. 2 Shielded Ethernet cables
7.) Qty 4 220 Ohm SIP resistors for 5 volt input
8.) Qty. 4 1k Ohm SIP resistors for 12 volt input

E-Stop Button with 2 contact closures #14534

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- Industrial quality reliable Emergency Stop Button with two switches.
- Two contact closures for two estop circuits
- Use just one contact closure or use both
- For use with the Acorn CNC control board.

CENTROID Wireless MPG CNC control pendant
Model: WMPG-6 for Acorn CNC equipped Mills, Lathes & Routers, PDF download


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Take the control to where the work is! A game changing tool, the Centroid Wireless MPG handwheel CNC Control pendant allows the operator to conveniently and precisely set up jobs and tools remotely. No software or drivers to install. Plug and Play with Centroid CNC12 Pro CNC software, just plug in the included USB transmitter/receiver and start using it! Perfect for all types of Mills, Lathes, Routers and other specialty CNC machines. click here for more info.

KP-3 CNC touch probe

KP-3 CNC Touch Probe, Made in USA

KP-3 kit for use with Acorn (part #14946)

Part, Vise and Fixture Probing: Automatically Set Zero points fast and accurate.
Use the KP-3 probe to quickly and accurately find zero points on a vise, fixture or part. Eliminate operator error when setting zero points, finding edges, or center locations of bosses or bores, slots and webs. Eliminates the need for a centerfinder or an edgefinder. You'll never have to spend 30 minutes using a center finder to locate the center of a bore again. The probe will find and set the center of a bore in just seconds. In addition the probe can be used to verify part dimensions and locations and many other applications. The KP-3 mounts in any 1/2" tool holder and has concentric adjustment screws. Patented and Made in USA. click here for more info and video on the KP-3

KP-3 Acorn kit part# 14946
- KP-3 probe
- 2.5 mm x 40mm carbide stem, ruby tipped stylus
- Stylus wrench
- KP-3 to Acorn cable
- KP-3 Users Manual
- KP-3 to Acorn schematic

KP-3 Acorn CNC touch probe kit
TT-4 Tool Touchoff Kit
TT-4 CNC Tool Touch Off.Kinematic Design works with both conductive and non conductive tools and spindles.

Mill, Lathe or Router use. Quickly and accurately setup tool heights in the tool library with a push of a button. The CENTROID TT-4 automatic tool height offset touch probe is plug and play with all Centroid CNC controls. Eliminates gauge blocks, paper, and repeated measurements. Save time and increase accuracy. Fully integrated into the CNC control tool library menu, just select the tool and press auto measure to set the tool height automatically. Makes measuring all types of tools faster and more accurate. Find the longest insert in a multiple insert tool quickly. Once you start using the TT-4 you'll wonder why you waited to purchase this time saving tool. Measure just one tool or a whole group of tools at once. Can also be used in the middle of a job to measure a replacement tool. Integrated with an Automatic tool changer for batch tool measurement. The TT-4 is based on KP-3 touch probe technology and is a robust kinematic design and works with all spindles even ones that with non conductive bearings (ceramic) or tooling that doesn't conduct (diamond).

TT-4 Acorn kit part# 15135

- TT-4 Tool touch probe
- Carbide Touch surface
- TT-4 to Acorn cable
- TT-4 to Acorn schematic

Conductive TT-1 CNC Tool Height Measurement Device

- Set Tool Lengths automatically
- Ultra accurate conductive design
- Save time, increase accuracy
- Magnetic base or hard mounts (T-nut or Shank)
- Works w/ CENTROID & most other CNC’s
- Easy to achieve high precision measurements
- Designed for milling and lathe applications: Kneemills, Bed mills, Machining centers and Routers, Lathes and Turning centers
- In process tool reset for worn out or broken tools
- Requires conductive tools
- Serviceable unit
- Auto cable detection


Link to TT-1 Brochure

Offline Intercon

Offline version of INTERCON Mill, Lathe and Plasma (in beta) conversational programming, for use with Windows desktop PC*

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- For those that do not want to use or learn a CAD/CAM system to make CNC parts.
- Program parts in the comfort of your office.
- Program while the machine is running a job.
- Easy part program transfer from your PC to the control via LAN or USB.
- True G-code backplot graphics, see exactly what the machine toolpath will be. 
- Use on the same PC as your CAD system. 
- A USB Keylock allows user to install software on as many computers as they want.
- Offline programming USB keylock is shipped the next business day.
- Works with Windows 7/8/10/11*
- Manual with tutorial examples see Mill Chapter 10, Lathe Chapter 8

- Download offline conversational programming software here, Scroll down to Oak and Allin1DC section.
The offline programming software runs without USB keylock but limited to 20 lines of Intercon. Plug in the USB keylock for unlimited conversational programming operation. Installation instructions here.. and a video showing installation of offline Intercon.

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts, Acorn Relay board and ribbon cable

REPLACEMENT Acorn Relay Board and Ribbon cable

If you are purchasing a new Acorn kit, you do not need to purchase this item.

The Acorn Relay Board Kit (part #14734) Includes:

- Acorn “8 Relay Module”
- Ribbon Cable

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Legacy Acorn Relay Adapter Kit part # 14734 for Acorn Rev_2 and Rev_3 boards

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If you are purchasing a new Acorn kit, you do not need to purchase this item.

This Adapter kit is for early Acorn Boards sold in 2017 and 2018.

The Legacy Acorn Relay Board Kit Includes:

- Acorn “8 Relay Module”
- Ribbon Cable
- Acorn Relay Adapter Card with 5 vdc pig tail.

more information here..

Legacy Acorn_rev3 CNC Controller Specifications Manual

Centroid Factory Direct Technical Support
Purchase Centroid Factory Direct Technical Support.
Professional experienced Centroid CNC control engineers will work with you to configure your CNC machine tool.
Centroid Direct Technical Support is provided through Phone, E-mail, and preferred and most effective method is remote support via TeamViewer.

Centroid Acorn CNC controller reviews

"Looking to order boards and other parts from you this week. I've got to admit - SO NICE having a board and software made by the same company. No plug ins from other places and the headaches. Literally followed the video and the motors were turning by the time it was done.

- Revy

"After dealing with Mach 3 and LinuxCNC for years, I must say Centroid is Light years ahead. Up and running bench test in a matter of minutes instead of days as with those other products. There is much to learn about Centroid but I am confident it is a very solid product. I can't find the words to properly describe the difference."

- Makeron

"My son came to me and said that the students in his high school woodworking class could not finish their projects due to their CNC router is broken. Well I couldn't let this be and in less than an hour, I installed a acorn on their router and all the students were able to finish their projects. I donated the board to the school so they could continue to use the router and many students will be able to familiarize themselves and use the Centroid control. Thank you Centroid for making such an awesome easy to use and install product. Keep up the good work!"

- Extreme industrial

I have to say a big THANK YOU to Centroid for providing the best value in DIY CNC on the market today. I just completed the upgrade of my CNC router table to Acorn and couldn't be happier! Followed the schematics for the GeckoDrive 203V (only thing I kept from my old controller) and everything just worked without any issues. Watched a lot of video's that provided almost everything I needed to get my machine working. I saved so much money over upgrading to Mach4, Smooth Stepper and PMDX boards that I had planned for my initial upgrade that I bought a touch screen monitor, wireless pendant and upgraded to Mill Pro. The pendant is just amazing to use. I feel like I have a professions system now! Not sure how you can sell the entire acorn kit for the price you do, but thank you for providing this to the DIY community.

- cnc_jim

Yesterday, I received a model 4 Acorn and an extra relay board for my model 3 Acorn that I bought almost a year ago. Opening that package reminded me of the care and concern that Centroid has for its customers. The power supply was pre-wired for the Acorn. The instruction sheet is comprehensive. The backside of the instruction sheet that shows a connection schematic that should make initial connections fool-proof. I just noticed that even those schematics are printed in color. (My eyes have serious problems.) The new schematics that Keith notified us of have fixed all of the connection problems that I've experienced with ClearPath servos, Gecko G203 drives, and Leadshine (clone) drives. Those problems were not Centroid's fault. (The older schematics followed wiring diagrams from other manufacturers that were somewhat lacking. I've read Teknic's manual carefully about the fault signal. The older schematics followed the Teknic manual. Keith and Gary solved that problem months ago, but because I had a work-around, I didn't carefully read the revised schematic that Centroid published months ago.) I was able to work around those problems; but the new schematics make those work-arounds obsolete. It amazes me that Centroid is willing to spend money on so many do-it-yourself motors, drivers, spindles, VFDs and other non-Centroid products, test those products, draw up schematics to use those products and still sell the Acorn for $329 with the amazing Centroid software.

Next, the forum along with YouTube videos are great. Keith, Marty, Gary and Franco not only show how to use the Acorn, but teach general principles about CNC machining. Late last night when I couldn't sleep, I watched a video where Keith showed how to use a vertical mill. The video contained everything that anyone would need to see how to use Centroid products to make their equipment work. Clicking on "Acorn User Videos" from the Acorn page shows a list of videos that show how to use the Acorn. Going on YouTube and searching "Marty CNC" brings up Marty's channel with a comprehensive list of how-to videos. Searching "Gary Campbell CNC" brings up Gary's channel and his expertly produced videos. (Gary and I go back decades to my Shopbot days when I constantly used his advice to solve my problems.) Clicking on "Centroid CNCKeith" brings up Keith's videos. His knowledge and easy-going style should make anyone comfortable in trying an Acorn. One of his videos was with "MecTechMike". Mike's mill and lathe conversions should impress everyone. He surely impressed me and gave me ideas that will take at least a year to try. There are many, many others who have taken the time to post videos showing how they use the Acorn and other Centroid products.

The forum is invaluable. Questions are answered expertly (in most cases). Since I tend to be disruptive in some of my posts (unintentionally - I like to think outside the box and try things that might seem to be controversial), I expected harsh feedback or even censoring, but I've been treated with respect and courtesy. More, importantly, by reading what others are doing, I get ideas that would take a life-time to implement.

Thanks Centroid and thanks to all of you in the Acorn community for your help.

- M Richards

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