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Factory Direct Technical Support Request Form

Purchase Factory Support time here then fill out this Support Request form.

CENTROID is committed to protecting privacy and does not engage in the practice of selling personal data to third parties.

Teamviewer is highly recommenced and sometimes the only way to effectively solve problems remotely.
Please install Teamviewer on the CNCPC and send us the "ID" and "pass" so we can access the CNC control PC remotely and administer effective technical support.

For the fastest response, please complete the entire form below. '*' indicates required fields.

Located on electrical cabinet tag or console tag, or util menu, click here for how to find serial #.                                    

(Rotary? Yes   No)
Please submit a "report" file along with this support request. A report file contains much needed information about how your specific cnc system is setup and allows our tech support crew to better help you. Click here for detailed instructions on how to generate a report file and attach it to this form. If you can not generate a report file, simply submit the form without it. Note: This file attachment feature of the form can also be used to send other types of files, such as problem g code files or intercon files.
Describe the issue. What does the system do (or not do)?