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Hardinge CHNC/HNC CNC Retrofit kits.
CENTROID Hardinge CHNC/HNC CNC Retrofit package.  Upgrade your Hardinge to the control it deserves!  Drastically improves, setup,programming and machining.
CENTROID Operators remote control pendant.  T-39 Pendant, take the contro to where the work is.  Makes for easy part and tool touch off.  

This kit is all you need to upgrade any Hardinge CHNC or HNC lathe. Our kit is the easiest and fastest way to upgrade a Hardinge. We supply you with everything you need. The system is completely prewired and tested before it leaves the factory. All PLC programming has been done for you. Our Kit replaces all existing electronic components and includes a new spindle motor,encoder and inverter along with new DC Servo axis motors** with encoders or the stock axis motors can be reused if they are in good condition.

Our Hardinge kit takes all the time consuming problems out of a retrofit, we have done the work so you don't have to! Specialty Installation hardware and drilling templates for specific CHNC/HNC machines are included. A typical CHNC retrofit takes only 2 days with basic shop tools.

Our retrofit package makes the Hardinge perform better than new! Give your Hardinge what it deserves, a CENTROID CNC.

  CENTROID CHNC Retrofit features:
Single or Three Phase Operation.
One source for all retrofit components.
Completely Assembled & Tested CNC system.
Adapters and Drill Templates included.
Fast, easy install.
Pictorial install manual on CD.
Better than new performance.
Fast tool changes.
Programmable spindle speed.
Automatic CNC Turret.
Moveable control stand with locking casters.
Hand Held CNC control pendant.
Constant Surface Speed with Threading
Reliable CENTROID amplifier and PLC
Uses Standard VGA monitor and PC Keyboard
Pawn created using CENTROID's Intercon programming software and machine on a Hardinge CHNC lathe  
Hardinge CHNC Z axis servo motor.  New replacement motor shown.   Everything You need comes in one Box!
New 5hp AC Spindle Motor with new belt and pulley.
New Spindle Encoder.
New spindle motor Inverter.
New Axis Motors** and Encoders.
Specialty Installation hardware included.
Control Stand with locking casters.
Hand Held CNC Control Pendant with dock.
System is completely prewired ready to install.
Preprogrammed PLC for all M Functions and CNC Turret.
Installs in 2 Days with basic shop tools.
State of the art CENTROID T-39 Dual processor Pentium PC Based CNC,
with DSP motion control.
Step by Step pictorial Installation Manual on CD.
Hardinge CHNC X axis servo motor, new replacement servo motor shown.   The original Servo motors can be reused if they are in good condition. If you can reuse the stock motors, this saves a little on money and time. Centroid does offers new replacement servo motors as well for the cases where the original motors are damaged or missing.
**New axis motors are supplied when the original motors are worn out or missing.
Hardinge HNC/CHNC retrofit upgrade control kits Price
10509 T39S DC W/Remote Pendant, use original motors, no spindle motor or inverter $call
10508 Add on: Two new DC 17 in-lb replacement servo motor $call
10812 Add on: New 5 Hp AC spindle motor and inverter kit w/adapt hardware $call
10813 T-39S DC Complete Harding HNC/CHNC Retrofit Kit $call

Arrow Controls in Houston Texas made this video of a Hardinge HNC CENTROID retrofit from start to finish.
Click on the play arrow below to start the Hardinge retrofit video.

If you are looking for information on Hardinge HLVH here...

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