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HARDINGE HLV-H combination Manual and CNC toolroom lathe Retrofit and Rebuild

Hardinge HLV-H manual lathe before retrofit

We can rebuild your original Hardinge HLV and add a state of the art CNC control so that You can have the best of both worlds! Complete manual control combined with state-of-the-art CNC turning. Our precision retrofit will give you both manual and CNC capabilities in the same package. This allows for easy single piece jobs with simple set up OR for a production run that would last for days.

We are please to announce our CNC retrofit / rebuild package for your HARDINGE HLV-H precision toolroom lathe. Our retrofit does for the Hardinge toolroom lathe what the popular CNC retrofits have done for knee mills.

With over 40 years of rebuilding experience to draw from, we have designed a CNC retrofit system to improve your precision toolroom Hardinge HLV-H lathe into an electronic lathe with full CNC capabilities while retaining all manual capabilities.

Not only do we rebuild your lathe, but we remanufacture it for higher levels of performance for a price well below that of a new manual only lathe.

Cross Slide with full manual and CNC control

No other Lathe control is as capable and easy to operate as a CENTROID T-400. What makes this manual and CNC combination work is the fact that the Centroid has the quickest and simplest CNC set up time of any CNC. With a Centroid on your Hardinge you can setup and program a part in minutes.

The HLV-H-TFB version is also a good candidate for our retrofit. The TFB stands for: turning, facing, boring. This machine originally came with no feedbox or threading capability. The retrofit, of course, will add that and more.

If you do not own a Hardinge toolroom lathe, we can locate one for you. Or if you choose, we can even retrofit a new import toolroom style lathe. So, if your Hardinge is not so precision any more, find out the possibilities of a retrofit and rebuild. It will be yet another way to stay ahead of your competition and to bring your prototype shop into the new century. Your toolmaker will thank you.

Highlighted Features of the HLV-H CENTROID Babin Machine Rebuild and Retrofit

Babin Machine Tool Hardinge HLVH CNC/Manual Lathe video