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INTERCON Conversational CNC Part Programming software
Part programming has never been easier!  Fill in the blank style programming with our easy to use canned machining cycles, just enter the dimensions from your print OR use a DXF CAD file.
Whether you have a part sketched out on the back of a napkin or a professionally created CAD drawing you'll be able to quickly create part programs with INTERCON, CENTROID's part programming software. With INTERCON you can create part programs by simply entering the dimensions from your print OR by using a DXF file (CAD drawing). INTERCON is available for both Mills and Lathes.
  • For those that do not want to use or learn a CAD/CAM system to make CNC parts.
  • Program parts right at the machine or at your desktop PC*
  • -or- Input your dimensions directly from your print
  • INTERCON combines conversational with CAD
  • Very user friendly with a quick learning curve.
  • Powerful features usually only found on CAM systems
  • Creates Toolpath G codes automatically.
  • Shows your work as you go. See a Toolpath Graph at any point.
  • Help screens for all the common milling/turning cycles
  • Automatic pocket spiral cleanout creates roughing and finish passes automatically.
  • Fill in the blank Canned Cycles
  • Teach Mode, Geometry Math Help, Polar Coordinates
  • Most shops find Intercon is often the fastest way to make a part.
INTERCON Features and Highlights
Spiral pocket cleanout. Circular, Rectangular, Irregular and even pocketing with Island Avoidance.  

Onion skin pocket cleanout.

This advanced cleanout technique is fully automatic and is used for all types of pocketing in INTERCON. Circular, Rectangular, Irregular and even pocketing with Island Avoidance. Spiral cleanout yields faster cleaner pocketing with better surface finishes and longer tool life.

click on image for larger view.
Offline conversational programming for your Windows PC.  

Offline version of INTERCON conversational programming, for use with Windows desktop PC*: $159
Mill, Lathe and new Plasma (in beta for use with Acorn)
- For those that do not want to use or learn a CAD/CAM system to make CNC parts.
- Program parts in the comfort of your office.
- Program while the machine is running a job.
- Easy part program transfer from your PC to the control via LAN or USB.
- True G-code backplot graphics, see exactly what the machine toolpath will be. 
- Use on the same PC as your CAD system. 
- A USB Keylock allows user to install software on as many computers as they want.
- Offline programming USB keylock is shipped the next business day.
- Works with Windows 7/8/10/11*
- Requires CNC12 version 4.20+ (download here.)
- Manuals with tutorial examples see Mill Chapter 10, Lathe Chapter 8

- Download offline conversational programming software here, Scroll down to Oak Allin1DC section.
The offline programming software runs without USB keylock but limited to 20 lines of Intercon. Plug in the USB keylock for unlimited conversational programming operation. Installation instructions here.. and a video showing installation of offline Intercon.

Add to Cart   $159  
click on image for larger view.

Preprogrammed Canned Cycles.

Fill in the blank format, fast and easy part creation.

Bolt Hole circles, Bolt hole Array, Three types of drilling cycles, Compression Reversing and Rigid Tapping cycles, Boring cycles, Circular & Rectangular Pocketing, Frame milling, Facing cycles, Lines, Arcs with auto corner radius, Auto Cutter compensation, Canned subprograms: Mirror, Repeat, Depth repeat, Rotate, Threadmilling, irregular pocket cleanout, Pocketing with Island avoidance, Auto finish pass generation, Help screens and more!

click on image for larger view.

Make threads with your Milling Machine with INTERCON's built in Threadmilling Canned Cycle!

  • A canned cycle in CENTROID's Intercon conversational.
  • Large diameters? No problem.
  • No Lathe necessary.
  • Make: Inside, Outside, Right and Left hand threads
  • Multipoint and single point tooling supported
  • Fill-in-the-blank programming with graphics
  • English or Metric
  • Multi pass generation is automatic
  • Machine threads not possible with a tap.
click on image for larger view.
CNC Lathe conversational programming software: INTERCON for lathes creates the G codes for you. Graph as you go.   Lathe Conversational Programming.

Fill in the blank: Profiling, Threading, Grooving, Facing, Turning, Tapering, Drilling and Tapping, Auto Chamfer, Line, Arcs, Cutoff, and more..

Automatic profile cleanout, Intercon automatically creates the roughing and finish passes you just enter in the final dimensions.

Help screens for all the common turning cycles, just fill in the dimensions.

Graph you work as you go. Creates the G codes for you.
click on image for larger view.
Irregular Pocket Cleanout with Island Avoidance.   Irregular Pocketing with Island Avoidance.

Now you can create parts with INTERCON that normally would have to be programmed offline with an expensive CAD/CAM system. This standard feature of INTERCON saves you the time of learning a complex CAD/CAM system and the expense of buying it.

SImply enter the dimensions of your part OR import a DXF CAD drawing* to define the pocket shape and islands to avoid. Answers a few questions like: How deep? How fast? What tool? What to leave for a finish pass etc.. and Intercon automatically generates roughing and finish passes! Instantly view a graph of your part while you are programming; allows you to make changes on the fly.
click on image for larger view.

Intercon DIY CNC Sketch

  Print to part in 5 minutes by Uwe Mattern
  Make sketch, Uwe used graph paper and a pencil but even the back of a napkin will do just fine.
Intercon program of sketch Type in dimensions in Intercon and select cycle type.
Intercon g code graph of part Intercon creates G code on the fly, backplot G code at any point to check your work as you go.
Intercon finished part Machine the part. Uwe says this part tool him five minutes from skecth to machined part using pencil, paper, Intercon and the Acorn CNC controller.
PM30 CNC conversion with Acorn  

Uwe's CNC conversion with Centroid CNC12 and the Acorn CNC controller. More info on this machine here.


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