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The CENTROID CNC control is loaded with high-end features
Free USB 2.0 and Ethernet LAN ports! USB ports for use with any USB Storage device.
Quickly and easily load G code programs and DXF files into the control with a USB thumb drive. Downloading large G-code part programs generated from a CAD/CAM system is now fast and simple. The control automatically recognizes the USB thumb drive and a drive letter shows up on the load menu along with the built-in hard drive. You can even graph the G-code part programs directly from the USB thumb drive to identify the program you want before downloading into the control. USB 2.0 and 1.0 drive support is a standard feature.

click on image for larger view.

Large 15 color LCD display.  Special non glare screen. Bright easy to read letters.Click on photo for larger view!

Large color LCD display for easy setup
and programming

No other control has such a large easy-to-read display. With a special no-glare coating, the CENTROID LCD display is sealed from liquids and greasy fingers. With the high res 15" display, Programming, Editing, and viewing tool paths is now a joy.

  • Large bright letters.
  • Color tool path graphics shows cutter comp moves
  • Easy to view from any angle
  • No flicker, no ghosting, long life, runs cool
  • Perfectly flat for accurate graphics
  • Sealed from shop coolant and oils
  • Special no-glare coating

Dedicated controls for easy operation.Click on photo for larger view!

Dedicated CNC control panel is straight forward.
  • Individual dedicated buttons for all common machine functions
  • One-button operation to Jog an axis
  • One-button tool check
  • Sealed from shop coolant and oils
  • Long-lasting, durable overlay.
  • Tactile feedback (button depresses with distinct feel)
  • Easy to read, well-labeled, intuitive layout.

Part program grahics show you the part before and during machining.Click photo for larger view!

Color Tool Path Graphics shows tool path
of cutter comp moves

  • Make fewer programming errors with our excellent tool path graphics.
  • Instantly see the tool path at any point while you are programming. Great for checking your work as you go.
  • Run-time graphics show you the cutter position while the job is being machined. Great for large machines and for when the cutter is buried in flood coolant.
  • Graph and edit G code programs from any source right at the control.
  • Graph Digitized part programs
  • All 2D views and 3D, zoom in/out, slow down or speed up, pause graph, graph any the whole part or just a section, different color of lines for different types of moves.
  • Very accurate run-time estimation
  • True backplot graphics, WYSIWYG. What you see is what you get -- not just a guess like other graphics!
Free High Speed Processing provides smooth continuous tool motion for superior contouring.

FREE! High Speed Processing for 3D machining

  • 2000 line lookahead accel/decel.
  • High Block throughput.
  • Continuous tool motion with no hesitation or dwell.
  • Reduces bench time grinding and polishing.
  • Take lighter cuts faster for better surface finish.
  • Run programs with very short moves at high feedrates.
  • Stop and restart at any point.
Intercon conversational programming creates the G codes for you.  Just fill in the dimensions from your print.

Intercon Conversational Programming for Mills and Lathes

  • Program parts right at the control or offline* with your desktop PC, fill in the blank programming.
  • Centroid's Intercon generates the G codes for you.
  • Help screens for all the common milling/turning cycles,
     just fill in the dimensions. Even lines and arcs are canned cycles.
  • A graph of the part shows your work as you go. Graph at any point.
  • Automatic pocket cleanout, Intercon auto creates the
      roughing and finish passes automatically.
  • Fill in the blank: Threadmilling, Drilling, (3 types of cycles), Tapping (Rigid, Rigid peck tapping, Floating), Pocketing, Facing, Auto connect radius, Lines, Arcs, Math Help, Teach in and much more!
  • Convert geometry from DXF files to Centroid's Intercon* operations. Supports contouring, pocketing, framing, drilling, boring, tapping, & threading.
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Machine threads not possible with a tap and a mill!  CENTROID's Threadmilling is a standard feature that will amaze you.

Make threads with your milling machine with Threadmilling.

  • A canned cycle in CENTROID's Intercon conversational.
  • Large diameters? No problem.
  • No Lathe necessary.
  • Make: Inside, Outside, Right and Left hand threads
  • Multipoint and single point tooling supported
  • Fill-in-the-blank programming with graphics
  • English or Metric
  • Multi pass generation is automatic
  • Machine threads not possible with a tap.
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