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Contour ShuttleXpress support for use with CENTROID CNC12 software

Budget 4-axis USB Jog Controller with an “MPG like” Inner wheel and a continuous jog Outer wheel, PDF download Contour ShuttleXpress
- 4 axis machine tool jog controller
- Corded USB device
- Preprogramed Centroid provided drivers
- Free Tech Support via CNC Forum
- Smooth motion
- Inexpensive
- Simple setup and installation
- Requires Centroid CNC12 v4.12 Free or higher

For those on a budget the ShuttleXpress is perfect for all types of Mills, Lathes, Routers and other specialty CNC machines. Jog any axis incrementally with rotation of the Inner wheel Jog any axis continuously and easily vary the speed of the jogging with the Outer Wheel. Simple inexpensive machine tool jogging controller: the Contour ShuttleXpress is Plug and Play with Centroid CNC12 Pro CNC software, Simply run the Contour setup software and install the included Centroid CNC preference file, select “Yes” to ShuttleXpress in the Centroid Setup Wizard and you are good to go.

Centroid Contour Shuttle Preference file used in the installation video below.. download here

See the Centroid CNC12 ShuttleXpress Installation video click here.

As an alternative and a big step up from the ShuttleXpress...we recommend the CENTROID Wireless MPG CNC control pendant.
Model: WMPG-6 for Acorn CNC equipped Mills, Lathes & Routers, click here for more info on the Centroid Wireless MPG Pendant

Wireless MPG Handwheel Wireless MPG Manual Pulse Generator CNC controller