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Yaskawa Sigma 5 SGDV Servopacks

AC Brushless Servo Motor and Drive Packages for CNC machine Tools.
Easy hook up to the Centroid OAK CNC Controller, simple setup, expert support, smooth and powerful machine tool motion.

Yaskawa Sigma 5 ServoPaks

AC Servo Drive Pricing - Yaskawa Sigma-5 Servopacks SVDG

Buy Yaskawa Drives online: SVDG Sigma 5 Servo drives In stock ready for shipment.
In the table below listed are the servo motors and drives that we use on our own machine tools and CNC retrofit upgrade packages everyday. These Yaskawas are tried and true, tested and documented. Used everyday by our staff, dealers and customers. These drives work, they save you time and money and yield excellent results and are reliable.
The sizes in the table below cover about 95% of the CNC machine tools the we work with on a daily basis. From knee mills to huge horizontals and everything in between. Centroid has worked closely with Yaskawa for years and we have the experience to make your CNC control installation using Yaskawas a profitable success. Download PDF of all Yaskawa pricing.

Yaskawa AC Brushless Motor and Sigma 5 SGDV Servo Drive packages 200 Volt
400 Volt
Part #
500 watt Servo motor SGMJV-TBD and Drive SGDV-TBD package
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750 watt Servo motor SGMJV-08ADA61 and Drive SGDV-5R5A01A package
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1 kW Servo motor SGMGV-09ADA61 and Drive SGDV-7R6A01A package
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2 kW Servo motor SGMGV-20ADA61 and Drive SGDV-180A01A package
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3 kW Servo motor SGMGV-30ADA61 and Drive SGDV-200A01A package
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4.4 kW Servo motor SGMGV-44ADA61 and Drive SGDV-330A01A package
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5.5 kW Servo motor SGMGV-55ADA61 and Drive SGDV-470A01A002000 with regen unit
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7.5 kW Servo motor SGMGV-75ADA61 and Drive SGDV-550A01A002000 with regen unit
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Larger size motor and drive packages available email or call  
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Brake Motor and Servo drive packages (commonly used on Z axes on vertical milling machines)
1 kW servo motor with brake SGMGV-09ADA6C and Drive SGDV-3R5D01A package
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2 kW servo motor with brake SGMGV-20ADA6C and Drive SGDV-180A01A package
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3 kW servo motor with brake SGMGV-30ADA6C and Drive SGDV-200A01A package
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4.4 kW servo motor with brake SGMGV-44ADA6C and Drive SGDV-330A01A package
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5.5 kW servo motor with brake SGMGV-55ADA6E and Drive SGDV-470A01
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7.5 kW servo motor with brake SGMGV-75ADA6E and Drive SGDV-550A01
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Yaskawa Drive to Oak digital communication cable (works with Sigma 5,2,1)
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Centroid OpticDirect, Fiber Optic drive interface board (for use with Centroid MPU11/GPIO4D)
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Cables: Download PDF price list to see cable pricing.
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Yaskawa Servo Motor Dimensional Drawings      
Centroid to Yaskawa Precision mode (Oak board) parameter setup instructions      
Centroid to Yaskawa Step and Direction (Acorn board) parameter setup instructions      
Yaskawa SigmaWin configuration software download      

CNC control kits for OEM and Retrofit

CENTROID CNC controls ship from the factory completely assembled and tested ready to install on your particular machine tool. All the operator control buttons, the PLC ladder, motor wiring, even all the cables for Spindle, Coolant, Lube, and any other accessories are prewired, programmed, tested and ready to go. Designed for both new machinery and the Retrofit upgrade of existing NC/CNC machines. We have over 5000 servo CNC controls in operation worldwide. No one else has more experience retrofitting classic machine tools like: Bridgeport , Mori Seiki, Hardinge, Shizuoka, Prototrak to name a few. We STOCK common control configurations for immediate delivery!

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