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MHO CNC Engraving Machines for Coin, Jewelry, Medallions, EDM electrodes, Ceramics, Dies, Stamps and Molds

CNC engraving machines for Jewelry, Coin, Medalion, Electrode, Mold and Die work.
cnc coin making

MHO manufactures a series of compact CNC mills. 3 and 4 axis machines with and without tool changers are available. The MHO compact mills are a high performance CNC mills designed for precise machining of Electrodes , Engraving dies, Jewelry patterns and more.

Our compact mills offer rugged industrial construction that ensures smooth machining with tolerances that are very high.

These machines are at the top of the precision engraving markets, and compete with high end machines.

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MHO Compact CNC mill 18 with ATC
MHO Compact CNC mill 12 with CNC Rotary table

Machine available sizes:

Series 12 - 12" X 12" X 6" travel
Series 18 - 18" X 18" X 12" travel
Series 24 - 24" X 24" X 12" travel

Choice of manual tool change or automatic tool change, the ATC is a 12 position carousel unit that is fully enclosed and has automatic doors.

cnc 4th axis jewelry ring making
CNC die making

Optional 4th axis rotary table. The Centroid 4 axis CNC control provides interpolated machining on all 4 axes. The machine can simultaneously move any combination of axes in conjunction with the rotary table and provides a real time position readout of the rotary table in degrees. Intricate patterns can be machined on any cylindrical object.


Most customers use the machines in production applications and find they run reliably in multi-shift operations.

Other applications they are involved in include medical, electronic, modeling and prototyping, EDM electrodes, deburring, jewelry molds, and many others.

CNC die making
Class ring CNC machining and CNC jewelry making

The combination of the fast, precise carriages with the advanced features of the Centroid control enable the machines to produce parts extremely rapidly, and usually much more rapidly than machining centers and other, larger machines. "High Throughput Machining".

Lost wax pattern for class ring. Machined on a Centroid equipped MHO compact mill. This customer has 42 MHO machines for class ring mass production!

CNC EDM electrode machining

To the left is a EDM electrode machined on the Centroid equipped MHO compact mill. The EDM series of MHO compact mills are equipped with Laser certified high precision ball screws and 60,000 rpm variable spindles which provide fast material removal with a extremely fine finish and no chipping. The MHO compact mill machines both graphite and copper electrodes.  The EDM series mills are fully enclosed and equipped with a dust removal system.  The plenum and laminar flow system captures both chips and dust.

Vaccum table hold down available as well. Unlimited styles of background texture designs can be CNC engraved.

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