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CNC Retrofits: Devlieg, Pratt and Whitney, G&L, Cincinatti, Jig mill, Horizontal boring mills

Vitech Machine: Devlieg 5K96 Boring Mill CNC retrofit

With worn out electronics that were cumbersome and expensive to maintain it was time to bring this classic machine back to life. Vitech Machine installed a new CENTROID M39 CNC control making this machine profitable again. Utilizing the advantages of the CENTROID MPU11 motion controller along with the GPIO4D controlling Yaskawa servo motors and drives, the new control system is reliable and easy to program. click here for a detailed slide show of the Devlieg cnc retrofit process.

Atkinson Technologies: Devlieg 43H-72 Jigmil CNC retrofit. A classic horizontal known for great machining performance. Why buy new when updating the electronics on a machine like this produces a great performing machine at a fraction of the price? click here for a photo slide show of the retrofit process of this machine.

DeVlieg Spiramatic JigMill Centroid M-400 equipped.

With a new Centroid CNC retrofit you can bring these great machines back to life for a fraction of the cost of a new replacement machine. There are lots of old Horizontal Milling machines out there with old outdated controls that are prime candidates for a Centroid CNC retrofit.

Devlieg CNC part
Four axis DeVlieg Horizontal boring mill

To the left are photos of two different DeVlieg Jigmils, both are 4 axis horizontal steel cutting machines! Both machines now have CENTROID M400 4 axis CNC controls.

These machines are real workhorses. With the new CENTROID, the machines are able to produce parts not possible with the old control. Not to mention that it is much easier to program and setup. Other problems with the old control such as program memory, lack of look ahead, poor reliability and high spare parts cost are now a thing of the past.

Pratt&Whitney Viking Horizontal Boring Mill

CNC Design: Pratt&Whitney HMC retrofit

This Pratt and Whitney Viking HMC is equipped with a Centroid M-400 4 axis CNC control.

The block of steel you see here weighs 15,000 lbs! The control is 3D surfacing a mold for a rubber seal that is used in a large gate valve. This machine runs these types of parts day in and day out.

This retrofit saved the customer approximately 100K verses buying a new machine, not to mention the cost of rigging, shipping and tooling.

G&L 4 axis Horizontal Boring Mill

CNC Design: G&L Boring Mill CNC retrofit

On the left is a Giddings and Lewis four axis horizontal machining center. This machine was retrofitted with a Centroid CNC for a tenth of the cost of a new machine with similar size and capabilities!

With 100 amp servo drives the Centroid has more than enough power to throw this machine around. The G and L now employs Centroid automatic tool measurement feature which save the operator from having to jump up on the machine to set a tool length.

The M-400 console is mounted on the optional Centroid control stand. This stand makes operation of the machine much more convenient than if the control was fixed. The operator can roll the control to his preferred working position. The angle of the console is also adjustable. Thanks to CNC Design.

Large Machine CNC retrofit video

Vitech Machine, Devlieg 5K96 Jigmill CENTROID CNC Retrofit Gallery