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Fanuc® CNC Retrofits!

CENTROID can directly run your existing Fanuc Red cap, Yellow cap and Black cap servo motors.
Directly control your Fanuc Red cap,Yellow Cap and Black cap servo motors up to and including "20" size Fanuc motors. Up to 8 axes.
CENTROID's new CNC CPU and our new AC/DC servo drive will command your existing servo motors. Eliminate expensive Fanuc repair costs and save time and get better performance with easier programming and operation. The CENTROID Fanuc Retrofit system brings an old machine tool back to a profit center for less than the cost of repairing the old Fanuc control!

Fanuc CNC retrofit for Vertical Milling Machine
Cincinnati Milacron Sabre Vertical Milling Machine VMC CNC Retrofit.
Click here for more info on the Cincinnati Retrofit
Fanuc OM red cap servo motor

Fanuc Red Cap servo motor

CENTROID announces the capability to directly control FANUC servo motors with its new MPU11 based CNC controls.  With the large number of aging FANUC equipped CNC machine tools in the world, CENTROID has answered the call for an affordable and reliable CNC control upgrade path for machine shops with failing FANUC based CNC control systems.  Now shops can eliminate expensive CNC repair cost and benefit from modern CNC control at the same time. In many cases the CENTROID CNC upgrade ROI is less than one year. Designed and manufactured in Pennsylvania, CENTROID has been building CNC controls since 1979 and specializes in retrofit upgrade CNC control systems for older CNC Milling Machines, Lathes and Routers. Recently CENTROID has developed a new Servo drive and CNC CPU which replaces older FANUC CNC controls.  This new combination provides replacement reliable modern electronics to a good machine tool extending its life while saving the shop owner time and money returning the machine tool to profitability while making it easier to use and program.  Professional installation is available world wide through CENTROID's team of experienced CNC control technicians as well as a 'do-it-yourself' kits for those who are electronically inclined. The new system can run FANUC Black cap, Yellow cap and the first three generations of Red cap Servo motors up to the "20" motor size. Running on Windows 7 (or 8) the CENTROID CNC control brings modern computer ease-of-use and programming to the machine tool not seen before. The CENTROID CNC controls comes with built-in advanced standard features and a few optional that were not available with the original control system such as 3D and 2D digitizing, part and fixture automatic probing and automatic tool height measurement. This allows the machine shop to become more efficient and take on work not previously possible with the old control increasing shop profit and capabilities.

Typical Fanuc Machining Center CNC retrofit control parts list:

- GPIO4/MPU11 with software
- M400 CNC console or M400 Panel mount
- (3) AC/DC servo drives
- (3) Encoder kits
- (1-3) PLC Add 1616
- MPG handwheel
- Console mounting hardware
- Custom PLC program
Typically $13,000- $14,000

CNC control integration can take place onsite or at your local Centroid representative's shop.

Installation,and Setup (price varies depending on machine, some machines install is 3-4 days others it takes a month of on-site installation time)
CNC Operator Training ($1000 per day, 1 day minimum, 2 days recommended separated by a few weeks.)

Pratt & Whitney TurnMate CENTROID CNC Retrofit.

Great machine, but the worn out 6T Fanuc control was the problem. Costly repairs and troublesome operation and programming are now a thing of the past with a new CENTROID. With our cost effective CNC retrofit you can turn old iron into gold by returning a Fanuc equipped classic back into a money making machine. Originally equipped with a Fanuc 6T CNC control this machine was a solid design with robust mechanicals but was pretty much only worth the scrap price before the new CENTROID CNC retrofit was installed. Now its producing parts quicker and better than ever before with CENTROID's easy programming (G code,Conversational or CAD/CAM your choice). CENTROID Fanuc specific retrofits eliminate many time consuming and expensive aspects of updating a CNC control on a old machine like this one. With a CENTROID Fanuc retrofit you can retain the good things about the old Fanuc control while eliminating the frustrating programming and expensive repair of the fanuc computer and operator interface. The CENTROID Fanuc retrofit kit directly controls the existing robust Fanuc Servo Motors along with the Fanuc Spindle Motor and Drive* as well. (*in most cases, call for details)

User friendly setup with on-screen menus

On screen menus guide you thru the part and tool setups.With this lathe running on the CENTROID CNC Control software, now its a breeze to setup tools and offsets.

Convenient operators remote pendant controls gives the operator simple controls for axis movement, spindle control, chuck in/out (and more) with dedicated buttons for quick simple operation.

Easy Programming

This Pawn was programmed right at the control with CENTROID's INTERCON, Conversational programming software. Answer simple fill in the blank questions to define the shape and then the software automatically creates all the moves for roughing cleanout and finish passes. Constant Surface speed control keeps the chip load on the cutter just right throughout the operation for the best possible surface finish.

Fast, Low Cost integration with superior CNC performance. Your machine will run better than new and be much easier to program, setup and operate. CENTROID's retrofit combines our modern CNC control with the robust and powerful FANUC servo motors. Not only will your machine return to the work horse it once was, but it will also be equipped with time savings advanced yet simple to use tools that allow you to easily get more work thru the machine while holding tight tolerances. USB file transfer, large color LCD screen with tool path graphics, full qwerty keyboard, dedicated operators controls, Fanuc G code compatible, built in conversational programming, graphical part setup screen, stop and restart g code program at any point, optional Digitizing to name just a few of the many new capabilities your retrofitted machine will have with the CENTROID/FANUC retrofit system.

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Fanuc CNC Retrofit Pictorial Slide Show

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