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CNC controls for Engraving, Jewelry Making, and EDM electrodes: CNC Bench or Table top milling machines for fine, accurate, detailed artwork

3 axis bench top CNC mill with Automatic tool changer

The CENTROID CNC control is perfect for the fine detail machining that small complex parts such as medical devices, jewelery, and edm electrodes present. With "high speed processing" as a standard feature, the CENTROID CNC can process large g-code programs without any hesitation or gouging. This provides superior machining performace eliminating tool marks and breakage due to overshoot.

Finished coin from Centroid machined die

Since the CENTROID is PC based storing and handling of large 3D g-code programs has been reduced to a simple task. LAN connections, large built in hard drives, CD rom, Zip drives and other devices are easy and inexpensive to add to the Centroid CNC control.

With a properly built machine fine tolerances and high repeatability are easy to obtain.

With a Centroid you can add production enhancing features such as: Automatic tool changers and 4th axis rotary tables.

4 Axis bench top mill, rotary table equipped

Spindle speeds up to 100,000 rpm. A typical engraving machine with ATC will have a brushless, variable speed spindle that is liquid cooled and runs up to 60,000 rpm. Manual tool change machines are typically supplied with 42,000 rpm or 50,000 rpm spindles. Slower speed spindles up to 5 HP are also installed on these types of machines.

Depending on the spindle configuration, the machines can engrave tool steel dies in complex surfaces, graphite electrodes in complex surfaces, or metals as hard as aluminum at normal machining speeds (i.e. .050 deep at 30 - 50" per minute).

Ring machined on rotary table equipped Centroid mill

The Centroid 4 axis CNC control provides interpolated machining on all 4 axes. The machine can simultaneously move any combination of axes in conjunction with the rotary table and provides a real time position readout of the rotary table in degrees. Intricate patterns can be machined on any cylindrical object.

Small die being machined

A lot of customers use the Centroid equipped compact machines in production applications and find they run reliably in multi-shift operations.

Other applications they are involved in include medical, electronic, modeling and prototyping, EDM electrodes, deburring, jewelry molds, and many others.

Coin die CNC machined on a MHO engraving machine.

The combination of the fast, precise carriages with the advanced features of the Centroid control enable the machines to produce parts extremely rapidly, and usually much more rapidly than machining centers and other, larger machines. "High Throughput Machining".

Lost wax pattern for class ring machined by a Centroid equipped compact mill

Lost wax pattern for class ring. Machined on a CENTROID equipped mho compact mill. One of the largest Class Ring manufactures uses CENTROID CNC equipped mho compact milling machines to produce all of their custom class rings. The ring is machined in wax which is used as a pattern for the casting of the Gold, Silver or Platinum. The CENTROID CNC control gives them the abilitly to quickly machine an accrate pattern with exact detail for an impressive ring!

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