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CENTROID CNC Retrofit upgrade control systems for Lathe and Turning Centers: Cincinnati, Prototrak, Southbend, Warner Swayze, Mori Seiki, Hardinge, and many others

This 1998 Proto Trak 1440 flat bed lathe has a nice combination of manual and CNC control. However the ageing LX2 CNC control with its original limitations is starting to be more trouble than its worth so, it was time to install a new CNC control.

Retrofitting this nice machine with a new CENTROID T400 CNC control has added new CNC features and capabilities while eliminating problems and limitations with the original control while retaining the ease of use.

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Cincinnati Cinturn 10 turning center

Here is a 1981 Cincinnati Cinturn 10 that has been upgraded with a new Centroid T-400 CNC control. This turning center is equipped with an auto tailstock, a cnc tool turret and a 30 hp spindle. Before the Centroid retrofit, this machine was in good mechanical condition but the old control was really costing the owner time and money. With the replacement of the original cnc control, we have turned this Cincinnati back into a reliable, money making turning center. Thanks to Marc Leonard, CNC Services NW.

American Hustler engine lathe

Check out this American engine lathe. This model is called the "Hustler", this lathe has 128" between centers with a 10" swing. It is equipped with a Centroid T-400 CNC control which is supported by a custom made control floor stand for comfortable operation. The American is also equipped with a 4 position CNC tool turret and a live tailstock. Thanks to CNC Design.

Warner Swayze SC1

Here is a Warner Swayze SC1 equipped with a T-400. This machines has a 20HP spindle, a 12 station turret, auto tail stock and quill, chip conveyer, and temperature controlled ballscrews. The temperature control helps them hold +- 0.0002. This customer serves the medical industry. Thanks to Randy Ellsworth, CNC Services NC.

CNC tool turret retrofit

Centroid can control both electric and hydralic ATC turrets.

Southbend Magnaturn 612

This is one of the best bench top lathes we have seen! Made by Southbend Lathe it is a solid unit made of cast iron with a dove tail slide. It is also equipped with a nice eight position electric CNC tool turret. We removed the old stepper based control and installed new Centroid T-39 DC brush servo CNC control. Equipped with constant surface speed and threading this machine is more than just a trainer unit, it makes accruate parts and is fast!

Mori Seiki SL-1 turning center

Here is one of the best turning centers of the 80's: the Mori Seiki SL series lathes. These machines hold great tolerances and are mechanically reliable. However, the original equipment Yasnac cnc controls are expensive to repair. For the cost of replacing one circuit board on the Yasnac, you are halfway to a completely new Centroid CNC control. Our T-400 Mori Seiki retrofit kit completely replaces all the existing electronics. The new Centroid T-400 transforms this classic turning center into a modern, reliable, easy to program CNC lathe.

Graziano manual lathe has been converted to CNC

This Graziano manual lathe has been converted to CNC. It has a 15HP geared head. It belongs to Southern California Edison and they use this (and their new Centroid powered Birmingham mill) to fabricate parts for the hydro electric generators. One item they are making on the lathe is a high pitch, triple lead screw. By starting the thread cutting in different locations they can produce this. With 4 gearbox speeds they can turn 30 RPM to 1,200 RPM. The retrofit includes custom carriage buttons for Estop, feed hold, cycle cancel, and cycle start in addition to the ones on the control. They love the MPG handwheel. Thanks for Doug Laursen of Machines in Motion.

Fanuc® CNC Retrofits!

CENTROID directly runs your Fanuc drives and motors.
Directly control your Fanuc Yellow Cap and Black cap servo motors and drives with a CENTROID CNC control! Up to 8 axes.
CENTROID's new CNC CPU commands your existing Fanuc drives in motors.

With the CENTROID Fanuc retrofit system, there is no need to rewire or replace the motors and drives. Save time and money and get better performance with much easier programming and operation. The CENTROID Fanuc Retrofit system makes an old machine tool into a real money maker for less than the cost of repairing the old Fanuc control!
Keep the good Fanuc servo drives and motors and only update the old computer operator interface.

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Here is a list of a few more manufactures that make excellent machines for a CENTROID retrofit: Mori Seiki, Ikegai, YCI Supermax, Goodway, Le Blonde, Mazak, and almost any Anilam, Dynapath and Fanuc equipped Lathe. Start making chips again! Fill out our request a quote form and tell us about your machine and we send you a retrofit quote for your specific machine.

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