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CENTROID Standard CNC Router Retrofit

This is a 1999 Standard Router, it originally came equiped with a Fagor 8025 CNC control which had limited memory and a hard to read display screen. Problems with the control were costing too much to repair, so time for a CNc retrofit! A CENTROID M-39 CNC control was installed to replace the old Fagor. Wow! What a differenece! Now you can easily see your programs on the large LCD screen in color and you can stop and restart your jobs at any point. The new CENTROID is also smoother and more accurate which yeilds a better surface finish.

We choose to use the M-39 CNC control for its remote control pendant. The remote control pendant allows the operator to walk completey around the work table with the CNC controls at his finger tips. With a M-39 you can take the control to where the work is. This makes setting up job zero points and setting tool heights faster and more accurate. The pendant has two built in strong magnets on the back, which hold it firmly in place on any magnetic surface. Two side straps make it convienent to carry with one hand and the pendant also has a parking dock on the display arm which holds it firmly in place when not in use. The pendant can also be used as it sits in the parking dock.

This machine is equipped with a 18,000 rpm spindle which is control by the CENTROID M-39. The spindle is programmable. The spindle can be turned on and off via the remote pendant and the speed can be adjusted there as well.

The CENTROID CNC control is well suited for a Router table control. Running large programs for 3D work is no problem, importing DXF files for engraving, sign making and logo cutting is easy as well. Importing G code programs from popular CAD/CAM systems such as MasterCam, Art Cam, EnRoute and many others is simple. The CENTROID is windows based so file transfer (networking, USB , USB floppy, USB cd, USB zip drive,etc..) is easy and you can store all your programs right at the control and view them at any time.

The M-39 can be mounted to a machine in a variety of ways. Some folks like to mount the system on a rolling stand which allows you to move the entire control console around, while other like to choose the articulating arm shown here to holding the display, keyboard and pendant. The CENTROID arm is very rigid and is hindged at two places and has an adjustment for getting the display perfectly level. This is a nice setup since it can be moved to operators preferred position or out of the way to load/unload the machine.

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