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Rigid Tapping Cycles: Regular and Deep Hole cycles

CNC Rigid Tapping cycles, Deep Hole and Regular.

CENTROID's advanced rigid tapping cycles are simple to program thru G code, Cad/cam or Intercon. In intercon, you get an extra cycle called Deep Hole Rigid Tapping, Deep Hole tapping taps a hole much in the same way as you would by hand. It backs out of the thread to clear the chips and then matches right back up with the new threads and continues the tapping. Another advantage of deep hole tapping is that it allows you to tap a much larger hole than the HP of your machine would normally allow.

Centroid Rigid Tapping 60 #10-32 holes 1/2" deep in ductile cast iron. Video by Tom B.

Centroid Rigid Deep Hole Tapping 60 #10-32 holes 1/2" deep in ductile cast iron. Video by Tom B. Programmed with Centroid's Intercon Conversational Programming software.

Tom says, "I REALLY, REALLY love rigid tapping and wish I'd added it to my mill years ago. Here's a quick video finishing up tapping 60 #10-32 holes 1/2" deep in ductile cast iron. Making a new poly-v belt sheave for my lathe - holes are to balance the spindle after installation. I had just finished doing 126 #6-40 holes 3/8" deep in three other cast iron pulleys. These were straight flute semi-bottoming taps for cast iron. I chose to peck tap just to make sure the chips were cleared out of the hole since there was only 0.050" clearance at the bottom of the blind holes."

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