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DIY gear we use but don't sell

We are providing these affiliate links below as a convenience as we and our power users have been using these DIY CNC accessories with good results. Note: No Warranty expressed or implied.

See Kai's "CNC on the cheap" complete list here.

Ergonomic Super 4 Plus Automatic Wire Stripper for Wires from 0.2mm-6mm

Precision Mini Wire Stripper, 26-36 AWG for encoder wire

Standard but good quailty Klein Wire strippers 20-30 AWG

Locktite Sleeving compound 620

Locktite "Sleeving" Bearing Mount
for Axis Pulleys and other CNC uses.

Can't build a machine without this stuff! Use on axis drive pulleys at the motor shaft and the ballscrew/rack end. Put a dab on the inside of the pulley and install it. This stops the pulley from working loose over time (set screws and flats can't take long term CNC use..they work themselves loose, this stops that!) Its always best to have a keyway that is fitted perfectly but 620 really does the job. Also used in sleeving shafts to increase thier diameter , adapters, bearing setting etc.

- el cheapo on a budget push button box and estop , cycle start, cycle cancel, tool check, feed hold etc.

- cabinet building magnifiying headband glassses

Be sure to see Kai's "CNC on the cheap" complete list here.

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