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Bridgeport knee mill CNC retrofit kits

While it is a fair amount of work and cost to convert a manual machine to CNC with a large part of the effort related to installing ballscrews and axis servo motor mounts if you have the time to do alot of the work your self you can end up with a quite capable machine tool.

An alternative to converting a manual knee mill to CNC is to find a CNC knee mill to start with. these machine already have ballscrews, axis servo motor mounts and often axis motors that can be reused. Machines such as the Bridgeport Boss, V2XT and DX32 series and others like Sharnoa, Wells Index, Shizouka, YCI YCM-40 and others are made for CNC knee mills and can often be had for less than the cost of a good manual knee mill.

The advantage of a manual to CNC converstion is in retaining the manual control of the machine tool.

Axis Motor mounts

It is important to have ridig axis servo motor mounts and a ridig yokecombined with high quality angular contact support bearings for good CNC performance.


Centroid Pre-confgured ready to run control systems take the mystery out of a retrofit. Our control systems are competely assembled and tested at the factory. This drastically reduces control installation time. Our competitors sell you a box full of parts, we sell you a CNc control ready to make parts!

Fast and simple to setup and program the CENTROID CNC control is the perfect match to the versitle Tool Room knee mill. Anyone can learn how to run a CENTROID CNC control, simple and straight forward operation allows you to get more work done with better results.