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CENTROID CNC Tech Bulletins
Technical instructions for solving common CNC problems.

TB# Tech Bulletin Description
303 Delta ASDA-A2 Step and Direction Setup for Acorn CNC Controller
302 Broken Motor Shaft
301 Using Absolute Encoders
300 Creating a custom macro to program an aux key
298 Disabling Windows Defender on Windows 10
297 Yaskawa Sigma5 Step and Direction setup for Acorn CNC Controller
296 Setting up Spindle Load Meter in CNC11
295 Yaskawa Sigma I and II with Centroid CNC11 based CNC controls
294 Configure Notepad ++ for CNC Gcode Editor Duty
292 Installing Linear Scale for DRO Display on a CNC11 System
289 Software Travel Limits
288 Allin1DC Settings for 3rd Party Servo Motors
286 Troubleshooting the Drive Motor Voltage (VM) Supply
285 Motor Doesn’t Move, No Error or Fault
283 Configuring Windows 8 to Run CNC11 Software
281 Encoders Not Counting / DRO Does Not Update
278 Setting up Control Techniques “SP” Spindle Inverter
273 CENTROID CNC PC minimum hardware and benchmark requirements for proper CNC control operation.
270 PC Data Receive Errors #452 / Vector Starvation
269 Voltage ratings of DC drives and DC Power Supplies
267 CNC11 Yaskawa Sigma5 Precision Mode Setup (Rev4)
266 Installing an AC Rotary table with Yaskawa Motor and Drive onto a GPIO4D system
265 Lash/Screw Compensation Acceleration Coefficients
260 CNC11 Torque Mode Tuning
259 Important Windows 7 Settings for Systems Running SSD Hard Drives
258 How to troubleshoot Custom PLC 9XXX Error Messages in your CNC11 PLC Program
257 Fix for Intermittent Spindle Errors on Delta VFD-VE Inverters
256 Yaskawa VS-606V7 Inverter Setup
255 Yaskawa VS-616G3 Inverter Setup
254 How to Level Machines
252 CNC11 Yaskawa Sigma5 Drive Setup
251 Type of Ethernet Cable to use for CNC11 Systems
248 Networking Windows 7 CNC11 software for File Sharing
245 Adding a DC1 4th axis to an Allin1DC System
244 Configuring Windows 7 to Run CNC11 Software
242 Finding your system Serial Number or System ID #
239 Sanyo Denki Drive Setup for CNC11 Systems
238 Swing Arm ATC Recovery Instructions
237 AD2 setup with 3.01+ or 2.69 rev 22 +
235 Using XY De-skew
234 CNC11 Velocity Mode Drive Tuning
232 Glentek Alpha Drive Setup for CNC11 Systems
231 Delta AB and A2 Drive Setup for CNC11 Systems
229 Delta VFD-VE (V2) Inverter ATC Settings
228 Networking an MPU11 System for File Transfer
227 Configuring a CNC11 system to Communicate with an MPU11 Motion Control Board
225 Baldor Series 23H Drive Setup
223 Maintenance Schedule & Operating Conditions for Proper Care of CNC Machine Tools
222 Laser Mapping Procedure (2.61 and Later Software Versions)
221 Spin232 Troubleshooting
213 Upgrading to v2.6x+
209 Setup Parameters for Automation Direct GS2 Inverter
208 3-Phase Noise Suppression for SD drives
205 Direction Reversal on Paired Axis
204 Noise Problems with Dual Handwheels
203 Setup Parameters for Automation Direct GS3 Inverter
200 Read a Linux FC in Windows
199 How to Create a Linux Flash Card for CNC10/CNC11 Systems
196 FC Corruption Recovery
195 Return Codes
193 How to Create a Report and Backup Files
189 NEdit Screen Sizes
188 Automatic Sequential Part Numbering for Engraving
187 Recovering from File System Errors
186 Using Z Axis MPG Mode
184 Heating and Cooling Parameters for SD drives
183 Delta Inverter ATC Settings (VFD-V)
182 Delta Inverter Non-ATC Settings (VFD-B)
178 Servo Drive Shutdown Messages During EStop
175 Rigid Tapping Troubleshooting
173 How to Compile a PLC Program
172 Replacing a Toko Power Supply with a Cosel Power Supply
171 Lube Parameter Settings
170 Recutting an Existing Thread
169 Using Centroid Linux
168 Networking Linux Based Controls
166 Encoder Alignment on AC Brushless Motors
164 Using Custom PLC Messaging
163 Single Phase Operation of Centroid Controls
161 Input Power Requirements for Centroid AC systems
159 Skip First Copy in Intercon
156 Servo vs. Stepper Performance
155 Quick Checks for Servo Motors
152 Inverter Control
149 Troubleshooting Motor/Encoder Problems
145 Hand Tuning a Router
141 110 Volt Rotary Table MS Connectors
140 Installing NetBEUI Under Windows XP
139 Installing a Compact Flash Card
138 Encoder Wiring/Pin Outs
137 Setting Direction Reversal
135 Adding W Axis Buttons to the Cams Menu
134 DP-4 Probe Sticking
131 Configure CNC7 for Summing of Z Axis with a Manually Operated Quill
128 Gang Tooling
127 Homing to Marks & +/- Travel Limits
123 Rigid Tapping Setup
121 Lathe Setting Up The T400 For Front or Rear Mounted Tooling
120 Rotary Axis Converting inches (mm)/minute to degrees/minute
118 Special M-codes for ATC
115 Bar Puller on Lathe
114 BIOS Settings
113 Skip Original Part When Rotating in Intercon
112 Mitsubishi Inverter ATC Settings
106 Using 4th Axis on Offline Mill Intercon
101 ATC I/O Specifications
099 Networking Your Centroid Control
092 Axis Home Too Close To Switch
091 Checking System ID and Unlocking Options
090 Hard Drive Replacement
089 Encoder Replacement
088 Recommended Coupling for Direct Drive Transmissions
086 Recommended MPG Specifications
085 Spindle Override Disabling
083 Rigid Tapping Guidelines
078 Common Wiring Problems
076 Motor and Pulley Installation
074 Adding Additional E-Stop Buttons
070 Laser and Ball Bar Procedures
060 Installing and Setting Up a Haas Indexer
058 Manually Creating Ballscrew Compensation Tables
057 Console Installation
055 Quick Acceleration Resulting in Jerky Motion
052 Foam Filter Maintenance
050 Long/Short Step in Incremental Movements
049 Using Phase Converters
048 Laser Mapping Procedure (Software Versions Prior to 2.61)
046 230 VAC to 440 VAC
045 Autotune Parameters and What They Mean to You
044 Basic PID parameter values
043 Connecting a TT-1 or DP- 4 Probe and Potential TT1 Field Issue
042 Determining Maximum Axis Velocity
041 Importing DXF files in MasterCAM
040 Pulley Alignment
039 Setup Parameters on Safetronics Inverter
038 Changing Mouse Sensitivity
037 Measuring Backlash
036 Measuring Motor Revs. Per Inch
033 Isolating Position Problems to Control or Mechanics
032 Obtaining Control Parameters
030 RS232 / Connecting PC to Centroid Control
029 Thread Milling
026 Position Error & Full Power Without Motion
023 Modifying CNC7CAMS.TXT
022 Modifying the “HOM” File
021 Configuring the MasterCAM Post Processor for Metric Use
011 Parameter Setting for Rotary Tables
009 Coolant Splash on Servo Motors
008 AC inverter spindle motors
003 Timing Belt and Sprocket Tooth Profiles
002 Ballscrew Support Bearing Arrangements
001 Out of Round Circles and Arcs
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