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Centroid Acorn CNC controller Videos made by Acorn users


A video by "Axmem" : Centroid Acorn CNC Mill , Rigid Tapping, with Encoder Feedback Warco 45


Axmem says "Acorn CNC controller test CNC milling machine (WARCO 45). Just quick demonstration of Rigid tapping, This is one of the stages I have accomplished successfully. Although this is a short video and does't reflect amount of time I have actually spent tuning the parameters and VFD settings. I was able to tart and restart in middle of program and repeat the tapping cycle.... Please feel free to post questions and comments on the Acorn CNC community forum. here is the link.
I am considering making a video with more details.
Are you looking for solution for the coolant contamination please check out my website:"


"GT40" posted this video of his first Acorn CNC control installation on a Jet manual to CNC lathe retrofit.

Threading at 1500 RPM- Acorn CNC conversational threading test with DMM servos.

The machine is a Jet GHB 1340a that has been converted to CNC, using DMM Dyn2 servos and drives, ground ballscrews. I recently upgraded it to an Acorn controller.

I added a Omron 2000 ppr encoder with 3d printed gears to avoid plugging the back end of the spindle:

I previously used Mach 3 and 4 and the Acorn is such a massive improvement.

As an instructor at a small non profit teaching facility, the Bainbridge Barn, we are adding a slant bed lathe from dynamics and liked the Acorn so much, we are retrofitting it with a second Acorn to replace the aged Fagor control.


Franco reviews his Acorn Lathe Wizard settings.

Brad talks us through his Acorn Lathe Wizard settings.


Graham's Emco PC Turn 120 video.

My Emco is now all up and running and working well.
Have to say I'm very happy with the results.
Just cut my first real test part using intercon ... Fantastic.
I'm so happy with the results I've just ordered another acorn board for my next project. Another Lathe, this time a Dutch Hembrug DR 133 nc.
Thanks to all you folks at centroid! Great product and support.
And a big thanks to chaz for the turret macro work he put in :D
My turret although the standard Emco one had had all its electronics removed so there was no way of running any plc set up for it.
The macro works a treat and all I do now when I've finished working with the machine is call tool 8, turret rotates to 8 and locks.
Switch off cnc12 and machine. When I restart machine and cnc12 I reference home and then call tool 1 and turret moves from 8 to 1 and sets my A axis (turret axis) to 1 and I'm good to go.
Happy Days.

  Brad talks about his Grizzly Lathe conversion and what he likes about his Acorn CNC controller.
  Marty shows us... unbox a Centroid Acorn CNC motion controller, wire it to the power supply and get it ready for the bench test.
  Marty shows us... setup Windows 10 for the Centroid CNC Software, Install and setup the software, and bench test Acorn
  Marty explains normally open vs. normally closed switches and why it is so important that NC switches be used on cnc machine tools.
      Alan explains how he uses Centroid Screw Compenstaion feature.
    Marty Talks about the various ways to Jog a machine tool with Acorn.
      Brad talks about using an Xbox Controller to Jog a machine tool.
      Brad gives an overview of the Acorn CNC Controller from his perspective.
      Alan goes over setting up Turns per inch with a Centroid Acorn.
      Marty's first cust using Acorn on a Dyna DM2400.
      Alan shows us his Clear Path Connections to Acorn CNC controller.
      Marty turns his part with Acorn Lathe running a Emcoturn 120.
      Marty shows us an Acorn retrofit upgrade on a D&M4 Milling Machine
      Beevo makes a Dremel tool post bracket with his Acorn CNC controller.
    Beevo's "real test run of the Acorn conversion"
      Beevo makes a Bolt Hole Circle with Bolt Head Counter Sinks
      Beevo makes a plate with a bunch of holes in it

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