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CENTROID Technical Support Options for Fast CNC Service and Support
CNC Service and Support going on 30 years! We Service what we sell.

1.) Call your Local Centroid Technical Representative
Fast, Expert On site CNC service keeps your CENTROID equipped CNC machine making profits.

On site, over the phone, over the internet with remote connection.
Call your local CENTROID Tech Rep.
Factory qualified CNC Tech Reps are located worldwide.
Our factory techs have the knowledge and parts to keep your CENTROID running 100%.
Expert on-site or over the phone/internet CNC service and training.

Click here to see a location map and contact info for the US and International technicians.

CENTROID CNC Tech Suport Crew 2.) Request factory tech support using our
"ONLINE Factory Support Request form"

Simple, quick answer questions, or warranty related help is free of charge. Questions requiring more than a few minutes of detailed CNC technical support: $90 per hour, $90 minimum purchase.

To receive Factory CNC Tech Support, it just take a minute to fill our our "ONLINE Factory Support Request form"

or fax us back using this PDF.. Detailed here..
Fill out the form and fax to: (814) 353-9265 or E-mail it to and we will call or e-mail you back.
Please note: If you call, (814) 353-9256 and press 4 for Tech Support. M-F 8:30-5 pm EST, we will still ask you to send in the Support request form so send it in ahead of your call to save time.

Whether you need help debugging an electrical gremlin, changing the control setup configuration, or programming a part. CENTROID experienced technicians are ready to help with expert advice that gets the job done. Where else can you get 30 years of CNC knowledge for less? We are here to help you get your machine running the way you want it to run. No other control company gives you direct access to their US based CNC engineers and technicians for precise answers to your CNC questions, you can count on us.
Expert On Site CENTROD CNC training gets you making chips fast! 3.) On Site CNC Training

Expert CENTROID CNC training will get you up to speed fast.
For most machines, one day is all it usually takes.

All CNC trainings are held on-site, in your shop, on your machine, and are geared towards your specific machining needs. An investment that returns 10 fold. Get your shop up to speed and making money fast, learn the correct way to program, set tools and operate the control system from the start. call for a quote, typically $1000 per day ($125 /hr x 8 hours) and travel expenses.


CENTROID Mill control Basic Training DVD  


This training video covers everything from powering up the machine, homing out, setting tool offsets, programming parts with Intercon, setting part zeros and using tool check and program restart features. A special section is included just for setting tool heights while using a CNC knee mill.

This great training aid is available on DVD and is included with every mill control purchase or you can order separately for $85. Also available online for free.

Mill Training. See it here on YouTube

Knee mill tool setup. See it here on Youtube

5.) Purchase a CENTROID CNC Service contract.

The best solution! No worries. We take care of it all. Buy your service contract within 30 days of buying your machine and save!

Click here for service contract information and pricing.

6.) Servo Motor Dimensions

Find out How long? What diameter? What bolt pattern?

Click here to see dimensions for all CENTROID stock servos.

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