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- Replace your entire aging CNC control or reuse existing AC or DC servo motors that are in good condition.
- Use CENTROID servo motors and drives OR most any 3rd party AC brushless motor and drive pair.
- Retrofit encoder kits allow use of stock Fanuc servo motors with the CENTROID AC/DC drive
CNC control block diagram for all CNC controls based on the CENTROID Allin1DC CNC control card.
CENTROID's made-in-USA "All-in-One-DC" control card is the pinnacle of CNC control technology. The culmination of 30 years of CNC control design, manufacturing and installation, CENTROID's CNC CPU, Servo Drive and PLC have come together in one amazing printed circuit card. The All-in-One-DC cnc control card combines CENTROID's renowned digital DC Servo motor drive with its powerful MPU11 CNC CPU (the 11th in a long reliable linage of CNC cpu cards) and its own CNC PLC (designed with functions geared towards machine tools). The All-in-One-DC provides reliable operation with simple installation. Reducing cabling, connectors, space needed for install, power supplies while increasing noise immunity results in an affordable, reliable CNC control that will be productive for many years to come. Designed for small to medium sized machine tools, any machine that requires a 40 in-lb or less servo motor. The All-in-One-DC is perfect for bed mills, knee mills, small machining centers, Lathes under 15hp, CNC routers of all sizes and many other types machine tools. CENTROID CNC software for the All-in-One-DC runs on Windows 7 OS.
CENTROID CNC CONTROL visual price sheet  
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AC or DC Servo motor based CNC control block diagram.
Designed for any CNC machine tool needing large AC or DC servo motors, the MPU11/GPIO4D combination yeilds a powerful yet flexible CNC control combination. Now you can easily interface to almost any make/model of servo motor and have the ability to integrate scales and/or encoders while controlling the spindle and any other accessory. This configuration is used in a wide variety cnc machines, everything from ultra precise bench top units holding micros to massive 20 ton horizontal machining centers. The MPU11/GPIO4 is made in America backed by professional CENTROID CNC knowledge and support. Installers are available for on site installation on your machine worldwide. CENTROID's simple, elegant CNC control components are powerful and reliable. CNC controls available completely preassemabled ready to bolt on or "board level" components for integration into your OEM product.

CENTROID CNC control for use with Yaskawa and Delta AC brushless servo drives  
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Directly control your Fanuc Servo Motors: Red cap,Yellow Cap and Black cap servo motors up to and including "20" size Fanuc motors. Up to 8 axes. CENTROID's new CNC CPU and our new AC/DC servo drive will command your existing servo motors. Eliminate expensive Fanuc repair costs and save time and get better performance with easier programming and operation. The CENTROID Fanuc Retrofit system brings an old machine tool back to a profit center for often less than the cost of repairing the old Fanuc control.
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