Atrump E216 Maxi Mill Vertical CNC Machining Center: Small footprint, large travels and performance.

Atrump Small VMC the E216 CNC Machining Center, CENTROID M400 CNC control equipped.            
Designed for shops looking for a small footprint vertical CNC Machining Center with big travels and big performance, the E216 has a work envelope of X 26" x Y 16" x Z 16" . Equipped with a CENTROID M400 CNC control this machine uses Cat 40 Tooling with a 16 pocket Automatic Tool Changer and a 7.5 Hp 6000 rpm spindle. Don't be fooled, unlike other machines on the market in this size range, the E216 utilizes Box ways construction with a fully webbed cast iron frame for maximum rigidity and vibration damping. A Tool Room or Job Shop needs a machine with box ways and a wide saddle with a full cast iron frame to meet the variety of machining challenges typically encountered. From Aluminum to Stainless Steel the E216 has the best performance to value ratio in its size range.
E216 Specifications
Travels X, Y, Z 26", 16", 16"
Work Table 36" x 14"
ATC 16 Pocket Armless Auto Tool Changer
Spindle Taper CAT 40 or BT 40
Spindle Motor 7.5 Hp Inverter
Spindle Speed 60-6000 rpm , programmable
Spindle Nose to Table 3.5" - 19.5"
Spindle Center to Column 17"
Foot Print (floor space) L 80 ", W 66 ", H 92 "
Weight 5500 lbs
Power 208-240 3 Phase AND 220 single phase
Machine Standard Features
High Accuracy Laser compensation mapping standard.
Spindle Bearings High performance Class 7 Spindle Bearings
Ballscrews High Precision Class C3 Ballscrews
XYZ axis ways Hardened & Ground w/Turcite B
Table Saddle Super wide Y axis saddle with box way
Way design Large Box Way on Y and Z, V way on X
Casting Design FEA Finite Element Deign, Maximum Rigidity.
Lube Auto Lubrication
Coolant Programmable Coolant On/Off
Work light Halogen Sealed Work light
Air Air hose and nozzle for clean off
Wash Coolant Wash down nozzle
CNC Control Standard Features
Training and Setup 1 day On site ATC checkout, setup and Training
Programming Conversational, G codes, CAD/CAM ready
Conversational Canned cycles, graphics and much more.
Screen 15" Color LCD w/ non glare coating
Operator controls Dedicated Jog and control buttons
Servo Motors Digital Servo motors w/ auto tuning
Block Throughput Advanced High Speed Block Throughput
Lookahead 2000 line Accel/Decell cutter lookahead
3D machining XYZ High Speed Processing standard
File Transfer USB 2.0 and Ethernet Lan
Program Storage Internal Hard Drive stores programs onboard.
Keyboard Full size qwerty PC keyboard
User Interface Quick Set part and tool setup screens
Tool Check One button stop and restart job at any point
Graphics Advanced G code backplot with cutter comp moves, 2D and 3D views. Display while programming or machining, shows cutters position.
Digital Read Out Displays in Inches or MM & Distance to go
Homing Auto home remembers part zero positions
Travel limits Hard and Software travel limits
Utilities Backup & Restore setup and programs, Import/Export files, Message Logs
Maintenance Backlash compensation, Drag plot
Future proof Software Updateable
Warranty 1 year Warranty on parts
E216 Options
4th axis Rotary Tables Several sizes of Rotary Tables available
4th axis pre-wire 4th amp,connector and software for future use
Digitizing 2D and 3D Digitizing, Copy and Cut.
Auto Tool Measurement Automatically sets tool offsets, w/Batch ATC feature
Jogging Handwheel MPG handwheel with coil cord, XYZW selector
Probing Cycles Automatically sets parts zero positions
Coordinate System Rot. Rotate machine coordinates to match part or vise
Sealed Qwerty Keyboard Full size waterproof qwerty keyboard.
Engraving Engrave Letters, numbers, symbols, import dxf.
Work Cord. Systems 18 Unique part zero locations, w/ memory
Part program size Unlimited program size for 3D work. Note 1Mb std.
Vacu Vise Clamps hard to hold parts, flats, plastics
Rigid Tapping Rigid Tapping G code & Special Conversational
DXF converter CAD to CNC, DXF to G code converter.
High Speed Spindle 8000 RPM
Spindle HP upgrade 10 Hp Inverter motor
High Voltage Operation 440 three phase input voltage
Single Phase Operation Allows 220 vac single phase input voltage
AC Servo motors Fast 1Kw AC servo motor upgrade.
Offline Programming Intercon Conversational for you Desktop PC
Service Contract 1 year Service Contract, includes 1 day training.

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