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CENTROID equipped CNC Granite Router by CNC Auto-motion
CNC Granite Router machines Granite and other stone material for counter tops.   This large format CNC gantry machine has been specially designed for cutting Granite and other stone materials and is controlled by a CENTROID M-400 CNC control.

CNC Auto-motion makes use of the CENTROID Axis slaving feature by driving both sides of the gantry for ultra precise positioning along with speed and power.

An 8 position rack mounted tool changer is employed for automatic tool changes.

Granite can be machined to any shape.   CENTROID's easy CNC programming allows the designers to create detailed decorative designs and other architectural details for counter tops for kitchen and bathrooms, bars, signs, tiles, monuments & memorials, and many other custom applications.

The ultra smooth CENTROID CNC control produces excellent surface finishes.
Profile cutters move along the programmed path, multiple passes are automatic.   Special profile cutters follow the programmed path. The Granite is held in place by a vacuum system. Automatic tool changes allow complete machining of piece in one setup and program reducing operator involvement.

Shapes or profiles for the Granite can be drawn in any drawing program such as Corel draw, AutoCad and many others. The CENTROID will convert the DXF file to G-code automatically, you just have to answer a few questions. click here for more CAD to CNC info.
Cutting Granite round edge of a countertop.   The cutter is continuously sprayed with coolant while cutting. Multiple profile passes are automatic.

The Z axis on this machine has 14" of travel which makes the machine flexible allowing you to machine a wide variety of shapes and sizes and makes setup easier.

Precision ballscrews are used throughout along with linear rail for the highest accuracy with the most rigidity which provides smooth cutting action.

Special liquid cooled spindles are used which are rated for this harsh environment.
CNC automotion CNC granite router, made in the USA.
  • Moving Gantry Machine Design
  • 12 ft. x 6 ft. (1,828mm x 3,658mm) cutting area
  • 14" Z Axis Travel
  • 7 or 12 kW ISO 40 HSD Granite Spindle
  • Chiller
  • 8 Position Tool Changer
  • All Axis on ground square rails
  • CENTROID Servo Driven precision ball screws


  • Vacuum Pump with tank specifically designed for stone cutting
  • Vacuum Hold-Down Pods
  • Various Tooling Options
  • Precision Laser Templator
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